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So first off id like to say this is a beautiful update. The asthetic of DnD in DbD is awesome and completely fits, and I can't wait till the release comes so I can buy both the killer and the survivor.

But, there are a few things about the perks that really need some tuning. This will be quite long, and everything here are just promoting ideas to deal with problems that should just be generally tackled even if not in the same fashion as I'm describing.

  1. Bardic Inspiration: Absolutely does not need any changes. It's a great perk, compliments a lot of builds, isn't too powerful, and if nothing else is just extremely funny and enjoyable. The idea of rolling a D20 for effect bonus is just great. The only things that should be more presented(not just for this perk) is how much of the buff you currently have applied. Just a little number next to the icon in the bottom right would be nice to know for how much bonus you currently have stacked(and it would help with perks like Prove Thy Self too if they had it too). Also, the perk shows your Aura to others when performing but doesn't state at all in the description how that works or why it's happening.. possibly a missed aspect in the description.

2. Still Sight: honestly, a pretty weak perk that motivates players to stand still and do nothing instead of actually contributing to game progress. A good change for it would be to just make it "token" based. After remaining still for 4 seconds, you can net 1 token every two seconds up to a max of 7~.. and when you're in the 18 meter range of the killer(34 with open handed) you can see the killers aura, but for every second you're in the killers aura.. you lose a token. At zero, you can no longer see the aura. If you're standing still for 4 seconds, and the killer is in the radius, then you won't net any tokens.. but it will pause the loss of tokens. Also, allowing the perk to work when healing someone(but have it be temporarily disabled entirely when actively repairing a generator) should almost be a main change anyways if not the first thing, since it would give more value to builds where you can still be doing something like totem builds or healing builds. Maybe even if this seems too strong, making it where you can only get tokens by remaining still in the killers terror radius and you can gain tokens without losing them in the 18 meters unless you start moving could be cool since you still need to stay still for 4 seconds, and in chase that's just not happening so it's not too powerful. It would help a bit in early chases, and offer a lot of value with other perks like if you're healing yourself since it's only 18 meters unless you sacrifice another slot for more distance. Idk, right now the perk only works well with stuff like stakeout and diversion which motivates you to sit in the killers terror radius since those are some of the only perks that still sight works with considering it doesn't work when you're doing a conspicuous action, and even then it doesn't help much at all.. you might as well run premonition or distortion for more constant value, or even just sit behind a wall somewhere as soon as you see the heartbeat instead of wasting a perk slot just to see them as well. It's not like it would work well against stealth killers, and if anything it's just completely countered against them right now as it currently is.

3. Mirrored Illusion: Possibly the worst of the three at the moment. The illusion isn't very convincing, it's purpose for being used on exit gates is a bit of a waste since you need to cross the map to the other gate after you place it(which by then the killer will already know what you're doing to counter you), and outright.. it doesn't need more than a glance or a sound check to know it's not real or even a threat. You're pretty much wasting a perk slot to make the killer see another aura(assuming they're even utilizing aura reading, which most aggressive builds use screaming or killer instinct more often). Honestly, the perk is a losing gamble most times you decide to run it, even with any other perk or even the actually helpful other gen charge perks like blast mine or wiretap. It's not like if they see it's an illusion they're just going to not kick the gen.

I'm going to get very specific with this since it's honestly my favorite perk out of the three that seriously needs a buff before the update goes live. It would be an extreme shame to see something this cool be almost useless/bottom tier. If not what I recommend, at least something.. because right now, anything else is better(Also, there's two bugs where one is you can't see how much progress you need left to get the perk until you get it, and another where the illusion remains on a completed generator/cleansed totem/open chest for no reason).

To make the perk useful, you could make it where the killer could hit it, count the swing as a miss, and the illusion disappears early.. but let the illusion actually give progress at a HIGHLY reduced repair/cleanse/open rate. For example: the lifetime of the illusion would be 120 seconds, and that would be how long it would take for it to cleanse a totem.

Instead of 50% to get it, it should be 60%.

Only ONE illusion can be on a single generator at a time.

The illusion will disappear if the generator completes/chest opens/totem gets cleansed, the killer hits at it, or 120 seconds have passed. You cannot stack another one while it's up, but you can build potential energy stacks while it's down so you can get another oney back earlier after it expires if you care to combo that.

The illusion cannot benefit from proximity perks like Prove Thy Self, but can count for you and other survivors for their side of the buff. Like if two people are repairing, you each are getting 10%, so 20% total, but if you're working alone with an illusion.. the illusion won't get the buffs to repair faster, but you'll get 10% for it working with you and teammates.

If you or a teammate works in the spot the illusion is placed in, its timer will pause and it will stop contributing progress until a condition stated above is met, or they get off the spot and the timer resumes. If it was working on a totem or a chest, then you or your teammate will resume opening/cleansing from where it left off. If it was working on a generator, it'll be like it's not even there until you or your teammate get off.

And finally, the perk will disable entirely in endgame. This is to prevent just setting it down on hex perks like NOED, and then camping near a gate while the killer goes to deal with it or gets punished when they ignore it. The exit gate effect as it currently is doesn't really help too much, and for the majority of the game.. right now, it's a bad perk if you're holding it JUST for end game(since it's intent is to use it more than once during the game).

Well, those are my thoughts. I spent a lot of time writing this since I really care about this chapter, and I'm sure lots of others will have their own gripes and criticism about the perks right now as they are(as well as my takes on them to be changed/adjusted),

But if the majority of the community can agree with me on one thing.. these perks absolutely deserve some changes, even if they're not these specific changes.