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Ill keep it simple by addressing what's good about the perks first and then what needs to be changed.


  1. Bardic Inspiration: Great perk. Honestly doesn't need any changes, just needs clarification in the description on why it shows your Aura to survivors when performing and potentially showing how much stack benefit you're getting with a small number by the buff in the bottom right corner.
  2. Still Sight: Its an interesting mechanic that helps with healing and doing things in place, but it has issues ill address later. Seeing the killer by doing things standing still has a lot of synergy potential..
  3. Mirrored Illusion: Sorry, but I'm biased against this perk and don't have anything good to say about it. It's really bad and barely fools the killer. It doesn't even give sound cues through walls to at least draw them to get close to the generator.


  1. Bardic Inspiration: already stated my thoughts. Great perk, doesn't need changes.. if anything, just fix the description issue with not showing why the aura is being revealed during performance.. also, showing how long is left of the performance on the icon in the corner before it applies would be nice.
  2. Still Sight: Doesn't work with healing yourself or others, doesn't work with doing totems, and(reasonably) doesn't work while doing generators. It should work while healing others and doing totems/opening chests and similar acts since you aren't technically moving around and the radius is super small, and to make it more actually effective.. you should be able to gain stacks up to 7~ after the initial 4 seconds, and get a token every 4-3-2 seconds. If you're moving and have token stacks, and the killer enters the 18 meter radius.. it should show their aura and drain a token every second. If you're standing still after 4 seconds and they're in the 18 meter radius, you shouldn't gain stacks.. but you shouldn't lose them either and it should still reveal them like it does now. The gens and chest part of the perk should only work as a side effect of standing still for 4 seconds, and not be part of the token effect. The purpose of all of this is to make it so the perk has utility other than just not doing anything helpful for a trade of a little bit of potentially useless information. It could help with healing builds, totem builds, chase builds for the start of the chase like a knockoff very short personal wiretap(since you can't gain tokens mid chase with how close they are), and even helpful for positioning yourself after you finish healing someone by seeing nearby gens. Also, open handed would work as a double edged sword since it could potentially drain stacks when you don't want it to or don't need the aura reading.. but offers earlier detection when attempting to be more stealthy. And if this seems too strong, just add an additional cool down effect to the base 4 seconds for gaining tokens after the killer leaves the radius by an additional 3-9~ seconds to prevent just escaping quickly and gaining free stacks too fast.. especially if they're checking a gen and you're using it to hide better than they can attempt to search for you.
  3. Mirrored Illusion: Any of the other gen charge perks like Blast Mine, Wiretap, Flash bang, and even Chemical Trap offer severely more value than this perk can in almost any scenario. To fix the perk, it should be able to actually contribute progress to completing gens, cleansing totems, and opening chests. It should take about 120 seconds(the lifetime of the perk) to complete a totem for reference. The illusion should disappear after it either gets swung at and through by the killer(with the cooldown of a miss), expire after 120 seconds, or the act it's set upon gets completed. Only one illusion should be allowed to be placed on a generator at a time. It should gain no benefit from perks like Prove Thy Self itself, but it should count when giving others the bonus for them repairing it(like how two people would get 10% each with it, 20% total, one survivor and one illusion would give the actual survivor 10% but not the illusion, so only 10% total). If a survivor starts repairing/cleansing/opening in the spot of an illusion, it should pause the timer and the illusion should stop giving progress until a condition above is met or the survivor gets off, which would resume the timer. If a survivor does this when the illusion is on a totem or chest, it should continue cleansing/opening from where it left off, and vice versa if the action isn't completed when the survivor gets off. This adds potential for lots of little niche synergies at the cost of an extra slot, better distraction potential since there would be sound cues as it's doing work which would draw a killer to get closer before actually noticing it's fake, and overall adds actual value to having the perk equipped(even if it's only really slight by itself). You could use it to stop a gen from regressing when going for a save during ruin, put it on a chest as you do something actually important like a gen, or even cleanse two totems at a time(albeit the illusion totem would take 2 minutes). Also, to balance this.. it should fully deactivate at endgame so perks like NOED aren't trivial to counter, and it doesn't really do a lot for exit gate baiting since you need to place it and then run all the way to the other gate. Also, it should take about 60-70% to get rather than 50% so it's more balanced and a full SWF can't just massively abuse it.

Maybe the numbers of my suggestions could be tweaked and better balanced, but I seriously think this would make the perks more suited to actually having balanced potential rather than feeling too subtle or outright useless in the majority of builds or situations.

And even if these suggestions aren't well taken or rather not great, I'm still pretty certain that the majority of players would agree that these beautiful perks deserve at least some tweaks, even if they're just minor adjustments, changes, or bug fixes.

My ideas aren't meant to be 100% solid, but rather a prompt to start a snowball where Behavior can adjust them in a way that feels good and useful, not too strong, and still counterable for the killer's sake.


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    I think mirrored illusion just maybe could do with being 50 percent gen progress or even just a cooldown honestly.