Chaos Shuffle - Why we wanna keep it and what we learn


Great modifier!

Gimme all the scamba that i usually get from different websites, painfully equipping perks, being distracted by different options- by just readying up for a match! Hells to the yes 😎

The Chaos Shuffle is a great way for veterans to dive into a game without planning it out, stressing over strategies and be matched completely even (well what we know about MMR in this one? Nvm!).

Since the last year's Anniversary stream where you've advertised this, we got some glimpses with the past challenges, you have probably smoothed things out and the p100 no perk bugs will be fixxed eventually?

Let us keep this amazing modifiers, please it brings so much joy and fun- also could have advertised more that you can read through your perk descriptions after you hit the options button.

You could gather great reviews of perks that need changing (why ever equip Visionary or hang mans trick) and what has the community to offer on changing.

Great modifier, totally not addicted ❤️


  • NekoAndromeda
    NekoAndromeda Member Posts: 68

    I would love for Chaos Shuffle to be a permanent addition to DBD. Or at the very least cycle it so its active for a week regularly. It is such a nice change of pace and is such a fun challenge.

  • Emeal
    Emeal Member Posts: 4,698

    I hope bHVR atleast extends it until the Anniversary Event kicks in in full.

  • Skoegul
    Skoegul Member Posts: 15

    I love this modifier and haven't played the regular mode since it's been out. It's just much more enjoyable and winning as killer or escaping as survivor often feels much more earned after figuring out your perks and how to get the most use out of them. It's great fun and I will miss it once it's gone, yet I can see why they made it a time limited thing for the time being. Of course I hope we see it return.

    In comparison, I only played three games of My Little Oni and maybe five games with Lights Out before losing interest. Those game modes were way too one-sided and considering the upcoming 2v8 mode is limited to 5 killers… Yeah. I might look at that one once. The chance of getting a Hillbilly every match is way too high for my liking.

  • Khastrx
    Khastrx Member Posts: 98

    Map offerings should be disabled in this mode. Maybe other items could be random too but I'm on the fence about that.