No unhook option on Toba's Landing

Nazzzak Member Posts: 4,844

Hi, I was unable to unhook a team mate last night when they were on this hook. I had no unhook option show up no matter how I approached.

I'm on PS5 if that helps and it was in the Chaos Shuffle modifier. Thanks!

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  • Zombiedeathrader
    Zombiedeathrader Member Posts: 2

    This has been happening to me as well, however I've been the one on hook. It can sometimes happen when the killer picks you up during a lag spike. It shows on screen that you get sent straight to third hook death no matter the current hook level you were on and leaves you there to struggle unable to be helped off hook. Still a problem of writing this comment, just happened. It doesn't matter which hook.

  • PogbertChamperson
    PogbertChamperson Member Posts: 109

    Was the survivor reassured at all? The perk reassurance can cause the prompt to disappear indefinitely on second hook stage sometimes (It's not consistent, but can happen as of the last mid-chapter).