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in chaos shuffle i had 3 hex one on normal perk and addons they were:

Haunted Ground, Plaything, Undying

and Game Afoot

so i was trapper

green trapper bag,

purple honing stone

but what i see/saw haunted ground activated multiple

times because it meter started and when it went away

every time hex was cleaned it came back on

map was The MacMillan Estate - Coal Tower

added end result of that games photo too

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Not a Bug · Last Updated

Undying lets Haunted Grounds activate twice.


  • PewienCzlowiek
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    Not a bug, Haunted ground may activate twice if used with undying, provided it's one of the haunted ground totems that gets cleansed first and not the undying totem (so 2/3 chance of second activation, if you use those two perks together).

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