Sable Cosmetic Visual Glitch


when sable ward originally dropped the mid section of her shirt was transparent along with a few of the re-colors, ever since the unreal engine 5 update there has been a weird white band under her transparent re-colors of the default shirts at around waist level. its a bit off putting as it doesn't really match the outfits going with the shirts, the regular shirt that comes with sable even has this issue too but its a black band. I know its a small issue but its a bit of a eye soar if you like to play sable alot like I do. first 2 are before and the rest are after. (apologies for poor quality) id really appreciate if this was looked into though as I'm sure all sable players world wide would appreciate it too :)

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Thank you for taking the time to report this issue, we are forwarding this to the team for their review.