Blight causing my game to freeze. (PC-STEAM)

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Whenever I play as or against Blight, my game will freeze up and I'm forced to close it with task manager. When playing with others, they've reported that I end up disconnecting from the match roughly 15s after the game freezes. This happens rather inconsistently, with no specific action causing it to trigger, though I've had it happen in the middle of rushes and in the middle of the Fatigue / Hit animations.

Weirdly, I've had the same kind of crash happen when I tried to go through a portal as Demogorgon, however I haven't been able to reproduce this.

This has happened every time I've played against a Blight or as Blight, with the sole exception being if I play him in a custom lobby against only bots, in which it happens less often. The freeze occours regardless of cosmetics, including William Birkin (which was the skin I was using when I first discovered the issue).

Reinstallations and Driver Updates did not fix the problem, nor does tweaking with the graphics of the game. This only started happening after the engine update in Version 7.7.0.

Attached is the most recent log after one of these crashes. For some reason it has generated in Chinese. I don't know why.

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