Potential Bug with Onryo and Bots

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I was playing as Yui Kimura, friend that DCed was playing Leon.
Game mode was the new chaos mode with random perks in a public match.
The map we played on was the red forest: mother's dwelling/mad house.
A friend of mine DCed from the game so a bot joined in his stead.
I died so I was able to spectate the bot and I noticed the bot will repeatedly walk into hills and will wait until they are fully condemned before picking up a tape and turning them in.
I've never seen a bot behave like they do when matched against Onryo; it appears as though this killer "confuses" them. This was also observed in a custom game my friends were playing on a different date but they thought it was due to it being a custom match; the killer played was Onryo. They had observed that the bots were running in circles and running into terrain. I was not there during those games so I did not get any screenshots or further proof/logs but I figured I would bring it up in case this killer is causing strange interactions with bots.

I hope this is helpful to the team, the log attached should be the game with bot Leon walking into terrain for long periods of time as it was the last game I had played for the night.

Thank you for your time.

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Thank you for taking the time to report this issue, we are forwarding this to the team for their review


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    darmy Member Posts: 2

    Here's a screenshot of Leon trying to get to the gen by walking into the hill/wall.