Aestri Yazar Perk Rework/Adjustment Recommendations

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The new survivor perks are very unique and clever concepts but their numbers and effects are lackluster, to the point they fail to provide much (if any) tangible benefit to the user, whether used on their own or in conjunction with other perks. My main issues with each perk are listed in bullet point form below.

Bardic Inspiration:

  • Difficult to get value out of, since you:
    • Never get value if you roll a 1
    • Need to hit at least 17 skill checks collectively as a group to break even with the cast time of the perk if you roll a 2-10
    • Need to hit at least 8 skills checks collectively as a group to break even with the cast time of the perk if you roll a 11-19
    • Need to hit at least 5 skill checks collectively as a group to break even with the cast time of the perk if you roll a 20
  • Due to above difficulties, you'll almost never get value of this perk solo; and rarely get value of it with one other person
  • If you try to get value by (somehow) coordinating a 3-4 man bardic, the objective will complete before the buff expires, likely wasting the majority of the buff on travel and other non-skill check related actions

Mirrored Illusion:

  • The illusion is very easy to discern up close, and is often ignored by killers
  • Casting the illusion from long distance requires a lot of time wasted on your end, for a benefit that is not likely to be realized due to easy discernment of the illusion
  • The perk has a 3-minute cool-down (!?)
    • This is because killers typically do not hit the illusion, meaning you have to wait the full 120 second duration + 45 seconds of gen repairing afterwards to use it again

Still Sighted:

  • Other perks see generators better than this perk
  • Other perks see chests better than this perk
  • Other perks see both of the above better than this perk
  • Killer aura cannot be seen while repairing, moving, healing, or doing literally anything productive
  • Can't use this perk for stealth, because as soon as you move to reposition during stealth, you lose the perk
    • If you intend to stay still and hide anyway, then knowing the killer is irrelevant since you aren't moving regardless
  • Can't see undetectable killers (making it a dead/inferior perk against anyone with undetectable)
  • There's just no practical use for this perk that provides value, outside, potentially, for indoor maps for generators and potential killer aura
    • But since indoor maps are primarily chosen by players using undetectable, this benefit becomes moot most of the times

First off, I do not want to change the core identity of any of the perks. The concept of the perks themselves are amazing, fun, and have so much potential - serious props for that! Instead, I am proposing a slight change in each of the effects to better realize the fantasy of each perk. Below are a list of my suggested changes, also in bullet point format.

Bardic Inspiration:

  • Duration and cool-down reverted to 60 seconds
  • Cast time is now dynamic, based on your performance roll
    • 1 roll has a 0 cast time (immediately stop playing)
    • 2-10 roll has has a 5 second cast time
    • 11-19 roll has a 10 second cast time
    • 20 roll has a 15 second cast time
  • Rolling a 1 now makes the lute play by itself for 30 seconds, alerting those nearby to your location
  • Rolling a 20 now makes your character bow after the performance completes
  • Canceling your performance outside of the terror radius reduces perk cool-down by 90%

Mirrored Illusion:

  • Can now also place standing and/or crouching illusions anywhere on the map
  • All illusions now run away from the killer for 5 seconds when the killer has line of sight and is within 24 meters (does not leave scratch marks)
    • This might actually trick killers briefly, unlike the current iteration
  • You can dissipate your own illusion by interacting with it
    • This lets you choose when to release it and start on a new illusion, instead of waiting 120 seconds for it to disappear on its own (since killers wont destroy it)
  • The activation condition is now being within 8m of a generator for 45 seconds instead of repairing it (works on completed generators)
    • This allows it to be usable in end-game

Still Sight:

  • Remove killer aura
  • Increase range to 32m
  • See the aura of dull totems and dropped items as well as generators and chests

Benefits to the Suggested Changes:

Bardic inspiration can now be used solo without being a detriment (will likely break even, with a chance to get ~5-10 seconds off a gen). It can also be used more often as a meme perk for-fun perk, while still having potential for tangible benefits in a group.

Mirrored Illusion might actually trick someone into thinking the illusion is not only real, but potentially lure them away as it runs (since you're likely to be close to where you placed the illusion). The freedom to place it anywhere and access it in end game also makes it more accessible. Not to mention you can use it more than once or twice now that the 3 minute cool-down period is gone.

Still Sight can actually be used in totem or item builds, or even for hatch plays if a key is dropped somewhere. There's a lot more synergy and potential to be had with this perk, as opposed to now, where's a jack-of-all-trades-but-good-at--none perk (not master of none, it's really just not good at any in its current state).

Cons to the Suggested Changes:

It takes work and resources.

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