Suggestion: Still Sight Changed to Block Auras

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Still Sight seems to be intended as an information perk for stealth players, revealing generators, chests, and the killer's aura if you remain inactive and motionless for 4 seconds.

As a purely stealth-based support survivor who has tried this perk multiple games, it fails at its job.
Reasons being:

  1. Most maps are open, so you can see the killer anyway
  2. If you intend to hide in a spot (brush/behind objects/behind walls) you typically don't want to move and can't use the information you get
    1. Even if you do want to move, you can usually just see the killer and use that visual instead of the aura, which disappears the moment you move
  3. Because it takes 4 seconds to activate, the information is always old when you want it
    1. The standard 4.6m/s killer moves 18.4m in that timeframe, which is basically the length of the aura reading.
    2. You can't really get value out of it since by the time you want that information, they're either on you or so far it didn't matter
  4. Even when planning an unhook, the killer is either camping (in which case the info is useless) or goes away (in which case it's still useless).
    1. Even if they go in and out of proximity, the delay in getting the info can make it awkward to use
      1. Not to mention Kindred does this job far better and more consistently
  5. It's really just annoying to use if you actually try to use it too, because:
    1. You wait 4 seconds for info, info gets outdated, wait 4 seconds again, gets outdated, wait 4… etc.

Due to the above issues, I honestly don't think you can make this killer-reading aura effect useful without lowering the wait time, increasing range, allow the user to use during actions, or something else that stretches the perk into the realms of being overbearing.

Replace the killer aura-reading with aura-blocking.

So if you stand still for 4 seconds, you get the standard generator + chest auras, but also block killer/all(?) aura reading against you for the duration.

(I wouldn't be opposed if you could see dull totems either… but that's my bias showing)


  • This perk retains its identity as a stand-still aura-reading perk
  • The new effect falls in line with the perk description
    • i.e. have a clear mind and calm temperament (a clear and calm mind makes you harder to detect)
  • The aura-blocking needs to be prepared to derive benefit from (doing nothing for 4 seconds)
  • The aura-blocking comes at the price of doing literally nothing for its duration
  • Gives stealth users an alternative to distortion for aura-blocking
  • Let's stealth users actually be creative and try hiding in fun spots instead of being barraged with 'Nowhere to Hide', 'Floods of Rage', clown bottle aura add-on, Wraith add-on, etc.
    • Yes, this is a pet peeve of mine. Still would be nice to have options against these though (that is not just take distortion every game, or use lockers that may not exist or otherwise too predictable to use)
  • The perk becomes less tedious to use because unlike when trying to read killer auras, you have a more defined purpose for using it each time
    • i.e. you can expect and plan for aura-reading perks to block, whereas with killer aura reading you're basically just spamming it trying to get something useful from it


  1. Without killer aura reading, you can't run Red Herring + Diversion and watch them run around confused
  2. Numbers on aura reading for gens/chests may have to be changed? I don't know.
  3. Numbers on how long you stand still to activate the perk may need to be changed? I don't know.


  • Moji
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    I think the aura blocking change is a really good idea. But, I agree that the time a player would need to stand still should most likely be increased by a couple of seconds (Ex: 10/8/6). The only way to avoid that would be to not include some of the aura readings (Ex: Only gens, no chests or totems)/have a smaller radius for the aura reading.