Flashing Lights Map/Mode


I think it would be cool and scary if we had a game mode or map where you could only see the map every few seconds via flashing lights/lighting.
You start off in complete darkness and every 2 -3 seconds the map lights up for 2-3 secs and it repeats all game.

Some objects can be lit to see in the dark but this would be scary as hell, especially with a low, no heartbeat killer.
Another use for flashlight even?



  • Mercury
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    No. No. No. No. I don't want to ######### my pants when I tread very slowly through Lery's and suddenly Mister Moonface stands right in front of me with that very deep and through-a-mask breathing.

    Edit: Which of course means yes.

  • bevdog67
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    There was a bug recently on The Game which pretty much put the whole level into pitch blackness aside from some lights here and there. It really added to the horror factor of the game, so I agree that something should be done to enhance the scariness of DBD!

  • beatddb
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    This would be awesome

  • DepravedKiller
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    Something like this but have the map light up every few seconds


    This is from a mature content channel so you might have to watch on twitch