About planned Scarred Hand and Waterlogged Shoe changes


So during the Q&A we got introduced with changes to the two No-Mither-Tier-AddOns in the game:

Scarred Hand:
* Mud Phantasms have collision.
* Removes The Hag's ability to teleport to her traps.
* Grants 300% Bloodpoints from Deviousness Score Events.
* Trumps all other Add-ons.

Waterlogged Shoe:
* Survivors within the triggered Trap range will suffer from the Hindered Status Effect.
* Removes The Hag's ability to teleport to her traps.
* Slightly increases The Hag's movement speed. (112.5% || 4.5 m/s)

The main changes are, that Scarred Hand is planned to lose it ridiculous movement speed penalty and Waterlogged Shoe got even a speed increase in hope player might get much more use of it. That's clearly a good thing.
But still those two AddOns still sound kinda questionable. I personally like the idea, when you try to shake up how a killer power works through an AddOn. Just thinking about Mirror Myers e.g. But you have always to consider what it means to take something away. Hag losing her ability to teleport really has a lot disadvantages to it. Basicly already takes away a lot of her ability. Waterlogged Shoe tries to give it kinda back with increased speed and the Hindered Effect. Like they said basicly trying to push the Hag into a clownlike trappy playstyle.
Thing is in comparison to a clown with without AddOns, a waterlogged Shoe hag would still be weaker. Yes, she is a hag, with a low terror radius more stealth, and a precise trap placement in comparison to bottle throws. But a clown would move faster and have more control when and how he uses his power during a chase.
Hag would have to stay territorial and predict were survivor would move. But one big issue I would see is. That her Waterlogged Shoe traps are only dangerous for survivors, while they are chased. Otherwise by triggering it, you will destroy it quite easy.
It's already the best strategy against hag. If you know that you are save from beeing hurt by triggering a trap, then you should trigger it. Not beeing able to teleport increases those opportunities for survivors to do so.
And that doesn't feel like an Ultra Rare AddOn to me. With Scarred Hand, the issue would be quite the same, except that you use a Very Rare for a bloodpoint farming round with bodyblocking phantasms . But that's it.
I wrote on reddit some time ago a post about possible Ideas for Scarred Hand changes. And to be honest, with my current knowledge about the hag, I wouldn't 100% agree with my suggested changes from that time. But I don't know. Considering that all her other changes sound great. These AddOh changes, feel underwhelming.


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    I agree

    Waterlogged shoe even after the buff it's still useless. The slow only last 2 seconds and it's not a 40% speed reduction like Clown. Huntress can have 45 seconds slow with just one hit. Combined with that and using this addon's removes the ability for Hag to teleport is just extremely bad

    Hag without teleport = worst version of trapper and even slower. and her traps don't last forever

    I can't believe the Devs cannot see why this addon is so useless, did they even try to use it?

    combined it with the scarred hand? oh please, it limits your playstyle too much and again Trapper will be doing a better job at it after post-buff than a hag without teleport. Teleport is her only main advantage and she's slow. how will 0.1 increase movement speed gonna help her with that?

    If Hag can still teleport after using this addon, it would be a good addon and not overpowered. Removing her ability to teleport is just dumb and threw the balance out of the window

    The addon changes for the higher tier ones are still as bad. Rusty Shackles, Granma's Heart and Disfigured Ear is still as useless as always. and the changes they did with Waterlogged Shoe is just lazy. If they want to make a Killer viable they can't be just half-arse on this

    Mint Tint could get some love with shorter cooldowns, it's an ultra rare and it's not as broken as nurse since you need to set the trap in the first place

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    Just remove it those terrible disadvantages from those addons and it will be pretty good

  • Ihatelife
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    Also trumping all addons should be the only disadvantage