Talking Characters??

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I noticed Ash talks when you switch into him, like "Groovy", "Look who's shittin' in the tall grass"?, "Alright.", "What now?" "Mhm, that's right. That's me baby.", "Augh..What now?!" or "What is this place"? I think it's a really cool feature and I feel like all the survivors should have that; Little sentences and words that they can say when you switch into them. It'd be REALLY cool to hear what their voices sound like. Here are some sentence/word examples I have for them (in order) that I think they'd say. What do you guys think?

Dwight Fairfield: "We can do this!" "Uh..Don't be scared!" "Uh oh..."

Meg Thomas: "This place is scary." "Naa neh naa neh naaa naaa" (Taunting) "Pbfffftttt" (Tongue noise)

Claudette Morel: "I'll help you." "D-Don't worry! I got you!!" *Panicked noises*

Jake Park: "Shhh!!!" "Go away." "Ughhh."

Nea Karlsson: "Hey." "Okay what the fu-" "Hello??"

Ace Visconti: "Damn you." "Aight, You win." "Hey good lookin'."

Feng Min: "High score!" *Scared noises* "Help!"

Laurie Strode: "I got you this time, #########." "Hey! Over here!" "He's watching me, isn't he?"

David King: "Let's 'ave a go at it." "Square up mate!" *Growling*

Quentin Smith: *Yawning* "Wh-where am I..?" "Don't fall asleep."

Detective Tapp: "Alright. Where is this son of a #########?" "What can I do for ya"? "We can get out of this."

Kate Denson: "Howdy." *Mumbling the Windows of Opportunity lyrics* "This place is nasty."

Adam Francis: "You mustn't do that." "Please, stop!" "Please don't make me curse."

Jeff Johansen: "Sup"? "Bring it on. ..Maybe?" "What do you need?"

Jane Romero: "Hello everybody, I'm Jane Romero, your host!" "Hiya!" "Have you seen my new show?"

I dunno, just seems interesting to talk about. Maybe the devs will see this and consider it. Probably not.


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    I'd like to see the other characters have voicelines like Ash does too, it'd be really nice.

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    As killer, if I came across a Meg talking trash like that, there is a 100% certainty she isn't making it out of the trial.

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    I think I now have another reason to play meg.

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    I would love to hear the other survivors voices! This would be so cool.