Can we buff Map Point Gain?


The map used to be a godly item. The point burrito, back in its prime, gave you 300 points per map scouting, in an era where you needed only 10k points to pip, and at a time when sabo also gave 1k per hook, and bnp's instantly finished gens. The item was seen almost every game, and was clearly too powerful when bp was tied to rank. The item was then absolutely gutted (from 300 points per scout to 50) and the item pretty much was abandoned by the playerbase. Since then they did buff the points up to 150, but now that pipping is no longer tied to BP, that boost just hasn't been enough to keep this item relevant. I've sen maybe 10 brought into a match in the last year?

The reason I want this item buffed is because it's a great item. When the map gives you good bp, you are taking a risk by bringing one into the match. Unless you're against a trapper you're getting no real advantages at all, and have to rely on your own skill to survive. For the survivor that means you feel more tension to survive and keep your point burrito, and as a killer it's great because people having a map means they don't have a medkit, toolbox, or flashlight so the game is going to slow down ever so slightly. I loved the risk and reward aspect to maps, but right now the points you get don't really feel worth it.

So perhaps if we increased the value per scout from 150 to 200 (or even 250) that might bring maps back into regular use? Sure it'll make the bp grind a little easier (assuming you live), but now that we rely on emblems for rank, is that really a bad thing? I'd love to see people who are going to spend the match being chased by the killer choose to take a risk and bring a map into the match instead of a flashlight or medkit. Then if they do a great job and juke the killer all match, they'll at least get some decent objective points, rather than purely boldness.

Though maybe I'm just crazy, maps still get used frequently, and are considered useful? I doubt it, but I'd love to know if anyone else thinks maps could use a little love right now.


  • Tiyr
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    I don't think this could hurt too much , only time i see maps is when 2 survivors decide to combo map and key for hatch escape which honestly isn't all that often and your proposed changes would change that too even just a little, nice idea that i wouldn't mind seeing come into the game.