Add-ons need to change

Orion Member Posts: 21,675

Killer add-ons are already lost at the end of each trial, yet nearly all of them have negative side-effects. On the other hand, Survivor add-ons can be preserved, yet none of them have negative side-effects. This makes no sense.

Either Survivor add-ons need to have negative effects, or they need to be lost at the end of each trial, or Killer add-ons need their negative side-effects removed. I know that Killer add-ons are powerful by comparison, but the fact that they're lost at the end of each trial provides enough balance, IMO. They're already a one-off, why should Killers be punished further by having their base abilities hindered?


  • xxaggieboyxx
    xxaggieboyxx Member Posts: 498
    Survivor add ons do have defects but very few of them do and they really aren't that bad but I understand your point 

    insta heals -25%charges(who cares)

    some add ons increase healing speed at the cost of more and harder skill checks(still not that bad)

    there are some for toolboxes but all in all the bad sides to these add ons are nothing as bad as the killers that are supposed to be strong 
  • Speshul_Kitten
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    If you play survivor enough, you’ll notice that using the toolbox charge add-ons deplete if you use enough of your toolbox. Even if you escape the trial with your toolbox, using enough of your toolbox you end up losing the extra charges add-on, same thing goes with some flashlight add-ons and medkit charges. But yeah, Idk how my trapper main runs out of a bag at the end of a trial lol