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2 killers vs 8 survivors new mode?


Who thinks that might be fun?

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  • Raptorrotas
    Raptorrotas Member Posts: 3,228
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    Check out the the identity V rules for 2v8

    • Only 2 really big maps are in rotation forthat mode
    • 7 of 11 generators need to be completed
    • 30% repair penalty on survivors
    • Survivors need 3 hits to be downed, instant down counts as 2 hits. Everyhing below full health is injured.
    • Both basements spawn, i think there are more hook spawns too.
    • Hooked survivors cannot be unhooked for 30 seconds i think... But i dont know if thats within the normal sacrifice time or additional time (woohoo anti camping)
    • (There are also special shop phones that allow killers to purchase upgrades and survivors to purchase items.)
    • Survivors can carry 2 items.

    Im not sure if that were all the rules.

    While yes, devs have dismissed this mode in the past, after copying the idv skillchecks ui for dbdmobile, they sure could copy similiar rules for this mode.

    Also to dismiss the whole "omg 2 killers hunt 1 persons" and " one camps and one hunts" ideas... If 2 killers focus on one person, that are 7 free survivors to do what they want. And if one only camps, that other killer has to hunt 6 instead of 3 survivors...

    From actual experience in such a gamemode, and comparable to survivor strategy in both games... Splitting up as killer works better, and camping doesnt work.(although randomly coming across a chased survivor is nice)


  • thesuicidefox
    thesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,223

    Devs said it's never going to happen so just give it up.

  • NeaKarlsson
    NeaKarlsson Member Posts: 40

    sounds fun in theory but requires a LOT of rework in practice.

    maps would need a rework because some of them are too small for that many players, pallet spots would be unbalanced because killers could just sandvich you, perks would need reworks, etc.

    also too many objective changes are required. how many gens ? how many totems ? are hook times the same, are gen times the same and many more things. itt would be basically an entire game rework