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Unlocking perks in order?


Do i have to unlock a survivors first perk before i can unlock their other ones? Also will that same perk keep popping back up over and over until i unlock it? Because I trying to get other perks faster but am afraid that same one will just keep showing up instead of others.

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  • PigNRun
    PigNRun Member Posts: 2,428
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    By Survivor's perk, you mean teachable? If so, you dont have to, but teachables will continuously appear until you get them, so its better to just unlock them as soon as possible to get them out of the way.

    If you mean normal perks, no. Any normal perks, regardless of the characters, are random. For instance, it is possible to have Feng at level 50, have all the perks you want, and have Technician at tier I.

  • nan1234
    nan1234 Member Posts: 131
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    if I’m not wrong, not unlocking a teachable will cause the said perk to appear over and over. So, it’s advisable to unlock all the teachables of a character, even if you’re not interested in them. But if you’re only want a certain teachable, you can ignore the first one to unlock the second, or buy one of them to unlock the third.


  • NeaKarlsson
    NeaKarlsson Member Posts: 40

    Teaachable Perks will always pop up as soon as you reached the specific bloodweb level for it so you should buy them.

    once unlocked the teachable perk is as rare as any other perk