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Will those who already play DBD get anything on mobile?

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I have played dead by daylight for nearly three years and have played it for 1,9k hours (that isn't much to some). It goes without saying that I love this game and it has never gotten stale for me, however I can no longer play the pc version (due to my occupation) and was hoping against hope for a headstart in the form of a mirror of my old profile.

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  • thesuicidefox
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    No as far as we know. Devs said that they don't have plans for allowing cross-platform profiles or anything like that, and I don't think they have the ability to do it either because of how each platform works.

    However IMO they should at least find a way that we can create a universal DBD profile that links all other profiles together to share some stuff, or at least give bonuses. I want to get the PC version and maybe mobile, but the idea of starting over completely while having to buy the game again AND all the extra content really discourages me from doing it.