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Is it possible to have purple, green or pink eyes on the doctor?

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I recently continuously kept doing against a guy called ГPИБOK CPEДHEГO HOГTЯ  who was a doctor each time he had different eye color, first time he had purple eye which i just though was a cosmetic, second time he had green eyes and then after that he had pink eyes. I know there is always a chance you can get the same killer in a row but ive never seen a doc with pink,purple or gold eyes.


  • FireHazard
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    They're just head skins, its nothing to do with "hacking" if that's what you're thinking.

    You can find them in the shop on the bottom left corner under The Doctors head skin section... And yes, its not uncommon to face the same Killer multiple times, I had some Survivors face me three times in a row once.

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