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Just a casual question

Does anything in the feedback and suggestions subform get heard and actually changed by the devs?

From what i've seen so far it doesn't seem like it.

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  • FireHazard
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    They do actually, the developers can still read the posts without it coming off that they did. Most suggestions and or feedback however gets put into general discussions due to that part of the forums having the most people to discuss about the topic there.

    That doesn't mean anything in the feedback and suggestions sub-forum is ignored, they do check into it from time to time. Its just that most people, like I said, post in the general discussion sub-forum because that's where the majority go to discuss topics.

    Its also the best place to get something across to the developers if memory serves, due to how much traction a topic can get there if enough people talk about it. (Though sometimes, this isn't always the case actually.)

    So to answer your question, yes they do get heard, but its more common to have stuff in the general discussions forum to get heard more due to how much traction a post can get over than compared to the designated sub-forum that's made for it...


  • NullSp3c
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    Ok, so it seems that general discussions is badly used my most of the users just because you have bigger attention there.

    Mods should move things from there more often to give more attention to other subforms (they still do a very good job btw). Also, devs should listen more to other subforms and give them more attention so they community does it too.

    Just asked this because (like most of the other users that I talked before) I was using the forum the wrong way and put a idea about Legion and I wanted it to be seen in the general discussions and a mod moved it to the feedback subform.

    Thx for the answer btw.