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Is This Possible? Med-Kit Question

So I was in a match and I was sadly AFK for most of it because work and wanted to stick around till the end to say sorry for being AFK. I watched the match and settled on this David who barely had anything left in his Med-Kit and decided to heal.

It was a Yellow Med-Kit with the Common add-ons for speed and charges.

This David couldn't finish the heal and got downed, even less in the Med-Kit. He got hooked and then unhooked and ran off. Then he decided to heal with but a sliver left and I was thinking ''he's at the Exit and he's wasting his Med-kit, no way he can get the heal''. This ######### GOT IT! He had an 8% Debuff from Thana, MISSED a Skill check and STILL had some left over. Now when I say that Med-kit barely had anything in it I'm saying there was no way he could have gotten that heal off, it was a damn pinch maybe a quarter of charges left. I want to show a pic but can't find any pic online of the First Aid Kit with the charges next to it to point where the white line was.

Is this possible? Or is this cheating?

If this is possible then I feel bad for ragging on this person but it looked sketchy AF.

Best Answer


  • AetherBytes
    AetherBytes Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 2,976

    He might have been running botany or streetwise, or both.

  • HatCreature
    HatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    He wasn't, he wasn't running any healing perks. He did have a lingering Leader effect now that I recall but it went away during the beginning of the heal.

  • ChrisFuFuu
    ChrisFuFuu Member Posts: 110

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far is I know debuffs or buffs do not change the amount of charges you need in order to complete the action. It only changes how long you need for 1 charge to complete. So even if a heal would need 60 seconds to complete, that doesn't mean that you need 60 charges to complete it. You still need 16 charges, but these 16 charges take 60 seconds to complete.

    Botany Knowledge or Streetwise however, DO effect the charges in a positive way as it boosts the efficiency.