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When should you flap your arms?

I say you flap when the killer is near you so people need to stay away. No flapping means it's safe to save.

If you see a flap, you'll get a slap.

If arms are still, you won't get killed.

Do I have it backwards?

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  • Gcarrara
    Gcarrara Member Posts: 2,263
    edited September 2019

    I use it that way too. But there isn't a 100% confirmation that another player will use it that way. I noticed that newer people usually do the opposite. Flapping the arms to say "come get me now, please".

    There isn't a right or wrong answer about this sadly.

    You can organize during the pre-match lobby though (if you're on PC) to specify it so luckily people will use your strategy (or the opposite if you agree on the other one).

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  • Raven014
    Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    I usually flap them when the killer is coming to me and stop when they leave.