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Just want some advice...

I've been playing the game for just over a year now, on PS4. I like to share my time between playing as Killer and Survivor, I dont really have a favoured role to be honest.

Anyway, one of the biggest issues I have as killer is coming up against 4 man SWF teams who completely destroy me and I just dont know how to counter their strategies.

So my question is really, what is the best way to deal with a survivor, or survivors, who is constantly looping me around an infinite and how can I really apply pressure on generators to stop them being completed so quickly?

Thanks in advance guys.

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  • YaiPa
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    If their looping you around an infinite (or really long loops, like Grim Pantry central building, McMillan ironworks, fractured cowshed, torment creek god window) there isn't a guideline to follow for every situation. If you're a Trapper you can block the infinite, Doc and Clown kinda too. But the thing you need to understand is when you have to leave a loop (this is also important when you come across strong setups, which you need to recognize).

    Against swf, altruism is their biggest flaw, so expect to get instasaves or people around the hook. Camp survivors if 10 seconds remains for the next state, if someone tries to save always aim for the savior. To stall the game despite being bad, ruin is still the best, pop is also good. Also discordance is good against teams.