Dear Devs, Regarding Left Behind - game hostage


I'm wondering. Why take away the ability to complete generators faster still, while being the last person alive?

There was a match where killer camped the hatch, and he wasn't going to stop camping either. He only closed hatch when he saw the last survivor, which initiated the "end game". There was ruin and several gens left to do. (I am aware they could of just done gens...)

But that's the thing even if they did work on gens instead. Why can't left behind also help with doing gens when alone? It'd just be nice to still have, I love what it does now, it makes sense for general/most games.. don't get me wrong..

I don't know. but anything to stop being forced in a match and held captive would be awesome (And yes I know I can DC, but I mostly play lately to earn bloodpoints... and I really don't like to DC in general).

I mean the whole point and idea is to NOT hold the game hostage and NOT waste anyone's time. I mean that IS the reason that on first hook as last person alive. You don't get the option to 4% or use deliverance... because it "just" wastes time, right?

I'm aware these moments usually don't happen and they are RARE, but its for the times that they do... because... people are 1. Stubborn. 2. Sweaty. etc.

A random idea... Would it just be possible for the hatch to close itself if the killer is nearby (certain proximity) for a certain period of time? I mean killers can already override a survivor if they both are there at the same time. Killer will always win anyway. So, if a killer is just standing over it, what is the point?

Like pre endgame- I would of suggested the same for survivor to get forced out at the end, cause holy crap that was a huge time waster, so I am happy with there is a timer to finally "end" it.

(disclaimer: I don't care about dying at all, it's not about that. I care about time. - and BP of course :) And I also feel like playing this game you shouldn't feel "Forced" to disconnect from a match either... especially seeing that too many is a bannable offense. But it's unclear how many during what time period etc.)

So, not really complaining, but was just wondering and thinking about it is all. And just some thoughts about. Thanks.