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Should survivors get a blood point farming perk?

I think survivors should have a perk similar to bbq and chili so people who main survivors can also have the ability to gain a lot of blood points.I was thinking the perk dark sense could be reworked so when you complete a gen you see their aura and also gain x% bonus bloodpoints.


  • slaya
    slaya Member Posts: 30

    There is were gonna live forever

  • katoptris
    katoptris Member Posts: 3,003

    Survivor have we're gonna live forever and no one left behind as well as prove thyself

  • LCGaster
    LCGaster Member Posts: 3,154

    We're Gonna Live Forever does the same thing as BBQ

  • Pandamonium
    Pandamonium Member Posts: 77

    Prove thyself increases BP gains during a trial. It does not multiply your total bps or bps of a certain category after the trial. You just fill up a category with BP faster when it's a cooperative task.

  • Impala
    Impala Member Posts: 145

    You have We're Gonna Live Forever, my dude.

  • Purgatorian
    Purgatorian Member Posts: 1,146
    edited September 2019

    There should be one that says for every generator completed whilst your alive gain 20% more bloodpoints at the end of the trial so I agree with OP.

    I say this because killers just have to do what they do normally with bbq, hooking people, and they are not battling other players for the unhook especially at high ranks. Survivors should have the generator bloodpoints so they can get the bonuses as normal.

  • FireHazard
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    As stated above by multiple people, We're Gonna Live Together, a unique David King perk which is unlockable for all Survivors once David King reaches level 30 on the blood-web for the first time. This perk is almost exactly what you described, it doesn't give an aura reading though when getting a safe unhook on Survivors, just the bonus BPs like BBQ and Chili.

    This is it at its fully upgraded state. When at Tier l, it gains a 25% stack-able bonus to all bloo point gains up to a maximum of 50% while the Tier ll stage gives a 25% stack-able bonus up to a maximum of 75%.

    The final stage is a 25% stack-able bonus for (Safe Unhooks) for a total of 100% maximum bonus to all bloodpoint category's during the Post-Trail. Aka, when you escape or die in the game.

    To gain a WGLF stack, you need to unhook a Survivor, than let them live long enough for the "Safe unhook" icon bonus to appear, indicating the unhook you did on them was safe as they didn't get hit right after being unhooked, that means don't be mean and start farming people... that's highly frowned upon.

  • DeadByMemelight
    DeadByMemelight Member Posts: 51

    WGLF is way worse than BBQ because:

    a) it provides no function other than a BP bonus.

    b) it's harder to stack than BBQ.

    c) it becomes an empty perk slot once fully stacked, unlike BBQ which keeps rewarding you even on the 3rd hook of a survivor.

    WGLF should at least be merged with Kindred, or stack higher than 4.

  • HellCatJane
    HellCatJane Member Posts: 698

    I mean. In order for balance, I don't think the survivors and killer can be exactly equal. Otherwise you'll see survivors running around with knives stabbing at things and a killer on a gen going, 'get me outta here!'

    However, I do think there's an issue with protection hits not getting counted that should.

    And BBQ isn't always perfect if someone is immersed etc. Sometimes killers can't get all their stacks either. And people hiding or going into a locker that acts as a counter to it. Killers can't hide in a locker from kindred. etc.

  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314


    They didn't give it the aura reading ability out of fear that it would be too OP to have multiple Survivors with this ability with no down-side. Now, there are perks that do give aura reading but no BPs gain, if they connected both of these perks together, it wouldn't really make a difference unless this is on a SWF, or a coordinated solo team, which than people would complain so much about it.

    It's better to leave it as it is, as it's fine at doing its primary function of getting BPs already.

  • Oicimau
    Oicimau Member Posts: 897

    The point is it not fair BBQ gives BP and gameplay advantage. While WGLF gives only BP, with no advantage than that.

    Just a diferent treatment with no base...

  • maaadinsomniac
    maaadinsomniac Member Posts: 440

    We're Gonna Live Forever after 2.7.0 is joke compared to BBQ.

  • Itq
    Itq Member Posts: 29

    I wish that We're Gonna Farm Forever was just passive BP boost, and still has that stack function. Like 50% passive and with two stacks 100%.

    Then it provides BP boost even in bad games where you are first one chased and killed and end up with max 8k points.

  • QwrtyMan213
    QwrtyMan213 Member Posts: 243

    If they'd just buff WGLF, it wouldn't be an issue. As it is, there's literally no reason not to run it if I actually want to try to bother earning bloodpoints as a surv.