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Are there any underplayed killers ?? And if so, will they get very small re-works to improve this ??

I know this question seems silly and stupid but I am genuinely curious if the community finds any killers a bit useless or underplayed and if they want to see any small re-works. I am not sure if the DBD team will see this question or if they already have these plans but I am just curious to see what people think.


  • BenZ0
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    Legion and Leatherface are both the weakest Killers, and thats why they are underplayed as hell on high ranks. But Killers that are fine but underplayed, they are for an example, Ghostface, Plague and Hag. These Killers can be really strong on the right hands, but sadly the majority of the players dont know how to play these Killers well so thats why noone touches them unless for dailys.

  • Dr_Loomis
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    Legion just isn't dangerous enough. Needs buffing.

    Leatherface has nothing with the exception of rare multi-downs and the basement camp.

  • JawsIsTheNextKiller
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    I'm always happy to see a Legion because they are so rare.

  • PyroDude
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    You see clown so rarely people forget he exists

  • Mister_xD
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    unplayed killers?

    quite a lot actually.

    its very rare to actually find a clown, legion or bubba player, in high ranks even more.

    other killers like trapper, demogorgon and pig also dont see much play, though they are not that rare to find, especially in lower ranks. though, their numbers will decrease again when you hit high ranks.

  • Yung_Slug
    Yung_Slug Member Posts: 2,238

    Leatherface isn't that bad. I'd say clown is worse.

  • JnnsMu
    JnnsMu Member Posts: 249

    I'm always happy to see a Legion because they are a free win

  • BenZ0
    BenZ0 Member Posts: 4,125


    Well Leatherface is for fact that hes is one of the weakest Killers in the game, his power doesnt help him in any way in the chase, he just relies on the survivors mistakes, obviously on low ranks you will dominate alot of survivors. But on high ranks where survivors kind of know what to do, even a decent survivor will loop you to oblivion. Just how I said, he relies on the survivors mistakes, if he doesnt do then you are helpless.

    On clown on the other side, you can force down pallet drops and end chases waaaaaay quicker then leatherface because in that time when the survivor runs to another pallet, you can through the bottles into him and you could actually get a free hit before he reaches the pallet. Also you can end T walls, or other only window loops really quick, and leatherface cant do either of them.

  • Pandamonium
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    I never see legions. Sometimes at high ranks against good killers who have dedicated a lot of time in legion and occasionally in lower ranks against someone who wants to try legion, but they get demolished 9/10 times.

    To buff legion, I'd want that survivors go into the dying state when the deep wound status effect timer runs out, even while mending. The fatigue after feral frenzy depletion should be decreased (Balance out the addons that decrease the fatigue) and the power should not deplete upon missing a hit, rather have part of the bar be removed instantly (e.g at 60% and missing a hit, the bar would automatically go to 45%). Fuming mixtape should be reworked to show scratch marks. Perhaps change some value stats here and there and legion becomes a more viable killer.

  • ReikoMori
    ReikoMori Member Posts: 3,319

    Now people miss Legion, but when there were lots of Legion players seemed like people cried bloody murder until Legion was gutted to hell. Makes one think.

    As to the topic of the thread, I think killers that are 'underplayed' probably could use a looking over to see what could make them more interesting to play. I think the reason why a lot of killers just become under utilized is that isn't a great deal of variety in ways to play the game. Sure, you have builds you can do, but ultimately most killers don't have ways to go for a different style of play built into their kits. Only a few killers have addons that change the way they can approach playing. So if they could do something like that for other killers it would go a long way. Problem is I've never seen the devs just make more addons to put into a set. They usually get rid of something to add the new effects.

  • JawsIsTheNextKiller
    JawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 3,349

    It would be nice to see killers that are played in a different way. How I miss old Freddy. (But still love playing new Freddy)

  • MrDecisive
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  • Hoodied
    Hoodied Member Posts: 12,994

    Clown is a literal dinosaur

  • ahandfulofrain
    ahandfulofrain Member Posts: 528

    Leatherface, Wraith, Clown, Legion and Doc all suck right now.

  • Verconissp
    Verconissp Member Posts: 1,567

    Wraith is the Weakest killer out of all the killers that have been rarely played, Imo that is..

  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314


    LeatherFace is actually one of the most underplayed Killers out of all these Killers. His only practical use is in a basement.. but outside that it's more so add-on reliant and perk reliant to stand a chance at ranks like Red and Purple.

    To list off a few downsides to him that make him currently the worst Killer.

    • He doesn't apply map pressure well because downing Survivors is still hard on him
    • He requires two perk slots to have enduring + spirit fury to stand a chance at high level games (depends on the Killer main, but most of them need that combo as its his strongest)
    • He's add-on reliant, and needs either Scratch Marks + Primer Bulb/Spark Plugs to down anyone with his chainsaw, or the more advanced version would be Tuning Guide + Beast Marks.
    • His power is quite mediocre and despite being exactly the same as Billy in power, and concept (Even in lore to a degree) he's still far worse than him due to how Billys power is centered around sprinting with the chainsaw. Which compared to Bubba's Chainsaw frenzy it's quite bad...
    • And it really does boil down to this, that he's mostly an M1 Killer with a kind of glorified M2 that's just an M1 with big penalty's... So he suffers a lot like how most M1 Killers do that don't have powers centered around forward thinking rather than mid-chases.
    • Even Clown has a power centered around making chases shorter, Bubbas is more towards just getting lucky that most the pallets are gone on the map and they're not close to anything to juke you around like windows, tire piles on azarov, bushes on haddonfield, etc.

    That's just a few not all, but you get the point... Bubba needs a big buff or a rework or something to do him justice.

  • aerafield
    aerafield Member Posts: 47

    Everyone understands how to play Plague, but the problem is the trend against her of not cleansing at all, turning her into a modified M1 killer. She's not that fun to play if you can never use Corrupt Purge.

    About Hag I agree, the only people who say Hag is bad are the ones who are absolutely terrible with her and dont know how to play her. But I guess many people dont enjoy using her because of her play style... usually you never put a step on half of the map, you heavily contest "your" side of the map. A shame considering she has the highest killrate across all ranks and killers IIRC.

    Btw are there actual statistics on Leatherface and Legion? Do they officially have the lowest play- and killrate on higher ranks? Or are people just making that up. It's hard to imagine considering Leatherface is THE campgod of DbD and he has some very nice add-on + perk combos. And Legion can guaranteed injure survivors every time... only him and Plague are able to do that

  • Quol
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    Leatherface, Clown, Doc, and Wraith.

    Imo Wraith is just a worse Spirit. Remove the bell sound and have him walk faster while in camo to make him somewhat good.

    Clown in theory sounds nice but the bottles dont give any good effects. I would like survivors to have the exhaustion effect while in the cloud and 3 seconds after leaving. Maybe injure players if the bottles hit them directly but that might be a bit much.

    Doc is getting an addon rework although i am curious if he is getting a base kit rework too.

    Leatherface is a mess, he has no map pressure and too easy to loop a deadly combo. Best insidious user though.

    I know a lot of people say Legion is bad but i have pretty good games with him, he isnt in the top 5 or anything but he isnt bad. I would love to see him buffed as im sure half of the community is still sore from his previous iteration.