Post game chat disconnects while I'm still there?


Was having a nice discussion with a survivor when the "host disconnected" message suddenly came up, but I was the killer and did not press leave. Is this a side effect of dedicated servers?


    GODOG Member Posts: 17

    Seems so. Big shame.

  • PeenutsButt3r
    PeenutsButt3r Member Posts: 695

    probably server time-out for chat?...

  • Marcavecunc
    Marcavecunc Member Posts: 2,057

    I came here looking for this.. I was still active but the chat died.. what triggers this? Then everyone on one side disconnects? (either all 4 survivors or the killer) or is it on a timer..?

  • Fibijean
    Fibijean Member Posts: 8,342

    I suspect the chat is on a timer. I thought it only disconnected after a certain time of inactivity, but perhaps it just disconnects automatically after two minutes or so.