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Can anyone explain to me why nurse is still in the game? ... It's literally cheating xD and if you cant get an easy perkless 4k at rank 1, you play her wrong. Majority of the times I face nurse at rank 1 she gets and easy 4k. Whenever I play nurse on red ranks, I get an easy 4k.

For you saying:

"git gud" / "change your playstyle" / "play nurse to understand her weaknesses"

Which exact playstyle works against nurse? Stealth? Oh honey, you know killers have tracking perks that pretty much counter any stealth mechanic, right? If you know about some top secret diamond rank tactics to counter nurses, give it to me :) There is none.

"nurse takes a lot to learn"

this is a straight up BS. All you need is a few hours on her to figure out how to blink properly. And then just use the first blink to get LOS and the second to blink on top of that survivors head and get an easy hit. Done.

"you have to juke her at walls where she can't see you"

this only works against bad nurses that prefer prediction over reflexes. I personally play nurse only to do my rituals and I end up getting a 4k with none or one gen done (also - I dont use ruin. She doesnt need it at all).

If the nurse is bad, she will try to predict your movement and can be juked.

If the nurse is good, she will use her blinks smartly to get a LOS and blink on top of you for an easy hit - and there is literally nothing you can do as survivor other than DH to counter that. You can't even stun her mid-blink...

"but there has to be a killer that can contest red ranks SWF"

oh yea, there are killers like that. Pretty much any killer tbh. But you know - killer mains think they are the best doing everything perfectly so when they pick pig and get rekt, its not their fault. It's the game's fault. xD I find this hilarious xD But did you know you can play BETTER? :o There are some stronger and some weaker killers, but every single one of them can OWN ANY SWF ON RED RANKS if you do well enough.

So now - can anyone explain to me why this stupid broken character is still in the game?


  • HellCatJane
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    Well. The simplest, quickest answer is: They put a lot of effort into her, with putting her into the game, design etc. They would sooner change her/re-work her to better fit into the game, before just straight up removing her and trying to replace her completely.

    Messing with her Line Of Sight seems to be the best way to deal with her. But that varies on the map and your current location. And also how many blinks she has (yay, omega blink).. It's always "fun" to juke the second blink only to realize there is a third well. She's a killer that is, how do I say, very forgiving of killer's mistakes... You can make several mistakes and still get away with it.

    Her stuns definitely are broken and need to be fixed, cause holy crap they be broken, yo.

    And I definitely agree, there are other killers out there that can kill SWF's easily, if not better. I don't know why people only want to rely on Nurse, almost like a 'crutch' or something. /shrug

  • FireHazard
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    Longer version

    Because, the reason Nurse still exists in this game is because we'll always have a Killer that is the apex above all other Killers. Nurse is that exact Killer because she throws all conventional chase methods out the window, and plays by her own rules.

    Nurse can be beat, but it would require a skilled and coordinated team to best a pro nurse, or a semi-coordinated team to be an average Nurse. I've Survived a pro Nurse before because my team knew what to do, and while I was at the time the weakest link to the team, we still got 2 people out through the hatch.

    Not every Nurse will flawless a game because of how easy it is to play her once you know what to do, all Survivors need is to be coordinated and know what to do in a chase with her to be able to escape. Of course, if you're facing a pro nurse you'll most likely lose a fair bit of teammates, but it can be done...

    Some... methods... to use to face a nurse

    I can't specifically tell you what to do as I don't main Survivor (But I do play both sides), and I don't come across much Nurses anymore, even at Red Ranks. All I can remember from that time I did survive against one was that the Survivors manipulated the structures in the game to mess with the Nurses blinks, for example, things like tire piles, bushes, rocks, junk piles, etc, can usually distort the distance between when you can pass through them or not.

    It has something to do with their hit-boxes being off, but they used these piles to make blinking through them take longer to hold with the Nurses power, and doing so allowed them to mind-game where they'd loop around said structure.

    Those Survivors also faked window vaults at the Killer shack, and when they did vault they'd instantly vault back outside to avoid meeting up with the Killer inside the shack. They also did this when at pallets, but it was less effective obviously...

    her "possible" history to why she's this way

    The way Nurse is designed is truly to be one of the most unorthodox designs I've ever seen in a Killer... but this was during a time when the game was in a lot of ways busted and within a meta that promoted abusing the Killer (Not intentional promotion, just how the meta was and how perks and the Survivors were made against Killers)

    And I suppose she was created to counter-act this meta and dead era of design within DBD, but since that era of DBD is dead... they should update Nurse to reflect the current meta. That's most likely why they're tweaking her add-ons now to remove omega blinking and tweaking her base-kit to be more... practical to face.


    Nurse can be beat, but its highly unlikely to do so because of how she was designed for a more... dead era of DBD. Back in 2016, the game was more akin to the wild-west when it came to the meta... So it was more so very buggy, a lot of perks were very OP, etc.

    Like for example Tinkerer used to boost add-ons, but they removed that for obvious reasons... Same with the exhaustion perks, they didn't originally have exhaustion on them, but instead they just had a timer for when to re-use them...

    That age of DBD is gone now, and he Nurse was most likely created to counter-act that meta during that time of DBDs infancy... But now that era is gone, and DBDs meta is changed.

    The best I can say is to just wait until they finish tweaking her add-ons and base-kit before seriously attempting to face a pro Nurse... because of how she's designed it really does counter all forms of conventional means against all Killers in-general.

    (I'd suggest reading above in the longer version for the parts that suggest what to do against a pro Nurse or nurse in-general, they could help but that's the best I can really say.)

  • Sn0wJob
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    Hide in groups of two and attack gens, 44 second gens and she has to find you.

    If everyone wasn't stupid they could beat nurse easy, even with whispers she still has to comb the area at a snails pace and there are plenty of places to hide on almost every map.

    Most people arent prepared to handle nurse, she was designed to deal with the very best DBD has to offer.

    Honestly I can't wait until we nerf all the good killers and devs finally have to admit survivor is too strong when played properly, and maybe then we can finally get a second objective.

    In short, you suck.

  • martin27
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    "I don't like something in the game there for it's cheating".

    I heard a simular rant from a random survivor who decided to repeatedly vault through a window at the start of a match to taunt the killer and shortly got hooked by a nurse.

    Or there was this 1 time i was doing a nurse daily and all the survivor decided they were going to charge the basement as soon as i hooked 1 person.

    Nurse isn't cheating or overpowered, survivors only want to play 1 way and then complain when that 1 way of playing doesn't work against a nurse.

  • Sn0wJob
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    "her stuns" This is sort of misinformed.

    Nurse cannot be stunned during fatigue which is perfectly fine, she is basically stunning herself.

    She also cannot be stunned during her blinks, there is a reason for this. The nurse lacks collision during her blinks, she essentially ceases to be a tangible object.

    How can you stun air? Until she lands, there is no body to stun.

    So what does that leave us with? Her chain blink window, before the fatigue sets in, this is the time you can properly stun a nurse with a pallet or head on.