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Dbd switch questions

Is the Nintendo Switch version of the game going not have freddy and leatherface?

Also where is this shrine thing where u can learn perks I never see it on the menu.


  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314


    No, Freddy and LeatherFace isn't coming to Switch but their perks already are in the Switch version. I believe I heard they are in the shrine themselves to unlock. (Some others say they're in the base-kit pool in all blood-webs but that hasn't been confirmed at all.)

    The shrine is by default in the store under its own section "Shrine of Secrets."

  • Quol
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    edited October 2019

    There are issues with their copyright and while i am pretty certain they will be added in the future there is no set date. It could be in a week or in half a year.

    I sent in a ticket regarding this question and this is the reply i got. They will be shrine perks, which is somewhat laughable since there hasnt had one of their perks (killer of survivor) in the past 3 iterations, when the switch players could buy stuff.

  • PolarBear
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    Based on the cosmetics we've gotten for licensed characters (Pig and Tapp being the main two), BHVR are working hard behind the scenes to get both Freddy and Leatherface on to the Switch.