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How do I counter the Spirit?

Peasant Member Posts: 4,104

Let me just say, I hate Spirit. I absolutely abhor playing against her. I'll take an Omega blink nurse over "The Invisible Count" any day.

All of this being said, I main Legion, another killer folks don't usually like playing against. So I feel like it's my duty to just take the abuse whenever I face a Spirit. So, how do I counter her? I'm so tired of complaining about her.

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  • Toxicboii
    Toxicboii Member Posts: 435

    Really now you just have to out-juke the queen of jukes.

    If she fakes or does phase, walk away from the loop until she reappears or until she moves. Then you start running.

    If you face against a Prayer bead Spirit, pay close attention to the environment around you. Grass and other objects still move as if the killer was never phasing.

    The spirit can follow your scratch marks, so always walk to make her lose your tracks. If she's following your blood via addon, always run.

    I'm hoping this helps.

  • Valla
    Valla Member Posts: 25

    There is not much you can do versus Spirit, it is all about guessing what you think she thinks what you think :P But here is some.

    1. Use Spine Chill. This perk greatly helps you versing the Spirit in my opinion.
    2. Iron Will is a great perk aswell
    3. When you know is is phasing and you run to a pallet, drop the pallet on the side from where she is coming. She will assume you ran pass by the pallet and droped it so she will walk around the loop.
  • rukt
    rukt Member Posts: 13

    Wait until the next chapter. They are bound to nerf her after they are done burying the Nurse in her grave. And after that wait for the billy nerf. Then you can just press W all game and loop the dogshit killers that are left.

  • BottledWater
    BottledWater Member Posts: 248

    You are either a gamer with a galaxy brain or you use Iron will.

    The Spirit is hard to play against but she can still be juked if you are unpredictable.

    But just in case you are a ######### survivor there is also the "Leave game" button but I'd only recommend that option if you wanna admit that you are a bad survivor :^)

  • BottledWater
    BottledWater Member Posts: 248

    Have you played the Nurse on PTB? She is surprisingly the same unless you only used ataxic and gasp then you will have a problem with her but then it's not because of the killer but because you are just ######### at nurse :^)