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How to play legion?

Title I guess

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  • Mister_xD
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    stab stab stab,

    normal stab,



    there you go ^^

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  • XxkuroxshiroxX
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    Lmao xD

    To expand this information from Mister_xD , it's best to hit someone in Frenzy, then run immediatly to any other survs you see with Killer Instinct and hit them in Frenzy and when there isn't any other surv around that you can see then simply go after the last person you applied deep wounds on.

    That way you can apply map pressure, that is needed for playing Legion, because Legion gets his first hit free with Frenzy, but has nothing that can help him end the chase after that, so any chase is taking too long for him while the survs can finish multiple gens.

    On Legion it's also pretty important to run the right perks and Add-ons if you're playing in higher ranks, just try the perks out that work best for you. My standard perk build would be Hex:Ruin to slow the game down, Bbq, Nurses because they usually spend much time healing although you can't see them while they're mending, and Spirit's fury. I heard monitor and abuse also works great on Legion. Thanatophobia is a good choice too, since you have to injure everyone, but the extra time it gives you isn't that huge even if everyone is injured.

    Long story short, just STAB

  • Rin_is_my_waifu
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    You can't

  • Nekoo
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    Since everyone here are just making fun of legion, im gonna answer this seriously.

    As a rank 1 killer who also play legion, I think legion needs to rely on perks before he become viable at red rank.

    The idea of legion is you hit as many people as you can with your power, and waste survivors time by having them mend & heal, so that they are not doing gens or anything.

    With that being said, Thanatophobia + Dying Light is a very decent perk combo on Legion.

    These two perk forces survivor to heal, because no one wants to have 16%+ penalty on everything. So if they dont heal, they do thing slow and you can one hit down them, if they do heal they waste a lot of time.

    Optimal Build:

    Thanatophobia, Dying Light, Bamboozle,

    Last perk can choose from Sloppy Butcher, Save the best for last and Hex:Ruin


    At the beginning of them game, don't use your power until you see someone. Once you see a survivor, use your power to hit him and hit his teammate, then chase down the last guy you hit or chase down those who is caught off-gaurd. Repeat this process until game is over.