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Meta Listings?


A while back i remember the devs posted a most used perks by platform and ladder rank, does this still exist for the current state of the game? does anyone have a readable resource they often use to get a snapshot of current popular builds?

I would appreciate the help

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  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314


    Not that anyone is aware of no, the closest thing to something like that is a "Most kills on a map" chart they've released in the past.

    As for this specific thing you're talking about, no I don't think that exists for the current meta/game now. And if it does, its never been shown anywhere for anyone to find (Unless the devs may have it, and even then if they don't... than the list doesn't exist anymore)

  • shepherd404
    shepherd404 Member Posts: 20

    i guess ill start searching for a tier listing but those are subjective, i love data when the devs drop it, im gonna have to look for that old post and ask the devs if they could share another, thanks for answering I appreciate your time