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About buying a DLC when I have one of its characters already...

Hi ! Long story short - first character I fell in love with (and bought with shards) was the Doctor (long time ago - now I've moved to Myers and Ghostface). I was recently checking out the DLCs, and I was wondering :

If I buy the Spark of Madness DLC, while already in the possession of the Doctor, will I get my spent shards refunded, or something ? Or wil 9k shards go to waste ?

(At most interested for exclusive DLC cosmetics, and ... well, curiosity :P but Feng's not my kind)

Thanks in advance y'all ^-^

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  • Todgeweiht
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    9k shards will go to waste but at least you are getting a cool black coat for the doc

  • FireHazard
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    No, you won't be refunded when you buy the DLC for The Doctor. Once those shards are used, they're lost forever.

    The same with if you bought a licensed character with Auric Cells before you bought the DLC... those Auric Cells are also lost.