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Tips for Spirit


I'm trying to get the Conniption achievement. That's for downing survivors with the haunting ability. What perks and add ons should I use to help with this? I'm usually playing Trapper, Clown, or recently Pig. My ability with Spirit consists of about 10 games. I do have her leveled up trying to find perks and add ons to use. But there are some I don't have yet. Any tips would be helpful.

Also, is there like a 4-7 second window after coming out of the phase walk that I have to down them or is it more of an instant situation, pop out and swing?

Would it be possible to try for the Silent Approach achievement at the same time? That's for interrupting and grabbing survivors on gens? Any perks or add ons to use with that one?


  • FireHazard
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    So, first i'll give my personal advice than recommend you to a video that might help you out. Back in the day, I had a really hard time learning Spirit for some reason, than I found this video and it helped me out a bit with understanding some stuff. It's a little dated, but it'll still prove useful to you.

    Anyways, personally you'll want to focus on using perks that work well with The Spirit, perks like BBQ for the aura readings which will help when phasing, Save the Best for Last which can be INSANELY GOOD with The Spirit, especially when you get a fully stacked STBFL when using your phase walks or just normal hits...

    You also need to know when you phase, the Survivors leave scratch marks which are somewhat reliable, but they also move grass and corn and such when they run into those objects... So that'll give you a better idea of where they'll be and go when you're phase walking.

    Be aware, some Survivors know this and they also manipulate the scratch marks by running in one direction than walking right back to your husk to avoid being hit. You'll know if a Survivor does this the first time around, than you can bait it out or even walk out of phase early to meet them up at a closer distance since they're walking back to you.

    This doesn't work well when they're injured, you can still hear them when they're injured. perks like Pop Goes the Weasel also work well with her since she can cover distance over the map pretty decently... so it's good to to have PGTW to break any generators you chased Survivors off beforehand...

    Anyways, here's the video that will for sure help you out with some issues and even give you some basic and or advanced phase walking tips. (Note, the intro is pretty loud for some reason... not like extremely loud just decently loud)

    Hope this helped!