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Spirit Build?

Title says it all. Any recommendations?

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  • FireHazard
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    Try this, Save the Best for Last, BBQ, Pop Goes the Weasel, and Ruin.

    Ruin cause it's Ruin, BBQ to help track auras and help you meet up with them (wherever they were runnings/facing) and hit them with a phase attack, Save the Best for Last to gain 8 tokens (max) and have an insanely quick cool-down when hitting Survivors and missing the attacks.

    This will give you the ability to quickly hit them than phase right to them right after and get another really quick down.

    And last Pop Goes the Weasel to down someone, hook them, than phase to the generator that was almost done and kick it, or find other generators that're almost done or half way and kick them with the 25% regression penalty.

    If you feel Ruin isn't needed, use Corrupt Intervention as a substitute, and if you don't like Pop Goes the Weasel you can swap that out also for something like Thanatophobia.

    If you feel you want to try the Dying Light + Thanatophobia combo on Spirit you can, but it isn't like Plague or Legion where damaging the time is their objective rather than fast rush down chases like Spirits is.

    If you need help with other things like phase walking or how to play Spirit, I can copy and Paste something I wrote up that will help you as well.


  • SkeletalElite
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    Personally I use , Stridor, Ruin, BBQ/thrilling (your choice), and whispers.

    Typically ruin is all the slowdown I need to deal with even good surv teams with spirit. Stridor is to help secure those hits when phasing. BBQ or Thrilling are for tracking after getting downs. Whispers helps you find a survivor anytime BBQ or thrilling fail you.

  • Quol
    Quol Member Posts: 694

    I like using Stridor, Surveillance, Ruin and PGTW. Ive had multiple matches where i essentially locked down the entire game because i have all gens marked with Survelliance so the moment one gets worked on i can hunt them down and return all progress to 0.

    I feel like Surveillance is an under rated perk.