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Questions about pig

So my main two killers are pig and clown, I have more fun on clown because of his unlimited bottles. Pig however is my weaker of the mains due to limited traps. As I'm getting lower and lower into the ranks (around 6 and 7) im having a bit more problems killing survivors. I try to make it a thing not to camp as it's no fun for anyone, but it seems the main way I can get leeway on a survivor is as they are unhooking someone. So I've tried running MYC and just downing the person unhooking IF I go back to the hook after a little. This works a good bit. Again though now I'm running into issues just killing them as a whole as it's becoming more 40/60 for at least a 2kill. I save my traps for usually about 1 gen complete. Then i start placing them. I need some tips on what i should be doing and when, and any perks would be appreciated too. I run - Ruin, PGTW, Overcharge, MYC. Are these optimal? What can I do better. Halp QwQ should I run NoED :x I stay away from this perk as it can be kinda destroyed easily if people get totems. (In the past I've had it happen) but I feel it would be good for an endgame kind of play. Problem I also ran into. I thought survivors used to have their RBT go off if they even tried to crawl out the door. Does that only apply if they are crawling at it from a certain point? Or does it just always not work if I down a survivor at the door and they crawl out after I put a trap on them.

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    warning both the main post and the tl;dr are decently long to read...

    Here's what you should do, i'll focus on perk builds and their practical uses on The Pig before I go into mechanics and what you should ALWAYS do in a match as The Pig for an optimal trial.

    Perk builds

    For one, this is the build I use as The Pig and it usually keeps people off generators as well as giving me time to chase others without people gen rushing me during a chase, this build and many others with The Pig go together with her mechanics and power, so keep that in mind before you just read this and use the build without reading how to effective use her power.

    What I use is this, Ruin, BBQ & Chili, Pop Goes the Weasel, and Brutal Strength. This perk combo along with her powers allows me to effective waste a Survivor teams time and gives me the opportunity to chase people down without worrying about time (To a degree, this isn't always the case)

    I use Ruin because Ruin is the most meta perk and when not found can devastate a team even when they're able to hit great skill checks to a degree. Hitting Great Skill Checks takes focus, and if they hear the Killers Terror Radius while they're focusing on hitting those skill checks than they'll falter in those precise moments of concentration.

    Next, I have BBQ & Chili so I can gain a ton of points post-game as well as have map knowledge around the map to know where people are and what they're doing, it also goes well with Pop Goes the Weasel as if I see 2 or more auras on a generator and I make it there in time, I'll be wasting their time running away from me and with Brutal Strength I can quickly kick the generator and proc Pop Goes the Weasel on the generator, which regresses it heavily.

    After BBQ, I use Pop Goes the Weasel. Pop Goes the Weasel is insanely good as a meta perk for most M1 Killers, and it's especially detrimental on The Pig for many reasons. For one, when you hook a Survivor you're given a flat 60 second timer to kick any generators you see fit deserves of a regression, and once kicked those generators are given a 25% regression penalty instantly after the generator is kicked completely.

    This works well with The Pig because of how her RBTs (Reverse Bear Traps) help slow the game down, and when used on a Survivor they'll be more focused on removing the RBT than they will be worrying about the generator as a whole. It also goes well with Brutal Strength, Surveillance (One of The Pigs unique perks), and even Overcharge.

    Last, I use Brutal Strength over perks like Surveillance and Overcharge for many the extra bonus it helps me with in a chase. Brutal Strength (A unique The Trapper perk) increases my kick speed by 10/15/20% depending on the level, and this works with generators AS WELL as pallets as well. As a M1 Killer, breaking pallets and removing them from the game is very important, as chasing as a M1 Killer is quite difficult at ranks like Purple and Red due to the odds being stacked against most M1 Killers depending on the map.

    alternate perks to use with this build

    If you feel like Brutal Strength isn't needed, you can swap it out for perks like Overcharge or Surveillance. Overcharge will give a skill check after a Survivor attempts to repair it again, and sometimes the Survivors will fail it and regress the generator even more.

    Beware though, Overcharge is easy to hit the skill check on, and at Red Ranks the perk is worthless unless on Killers like The Doctor WITH perks like Unnerving presence that increase the difficulty of the skill check, as well as decrease the size of the skill check... so on killers like The Pig it's not worth using at higher ranks honestly.

    Now, a perk like Surveillance is very useful on The Pig. It's one of her unique perks and it can be effective in keeping track of generators you have kicked and regressed with Pop Goes the Weasel. It gives a white aura when its been kicked and tells you nobody has touched it, and when someone does touch it it turns yellow for a limited time before returning to red. Indicating that someone has stopped the regression on the generator and is possible working on it.

    If you don't need perks like BBQ also, you can swap that out for perks like Enduring, Corrupt Intervention to assist with Ruin in-case the perk breaks early, and Nurse's Calling to help track people who're healing within a radius of 24 meters.

    add-on combos

    The best add-on combos to use on The Pig is something standard like Last Will + Bag of Gears, or Rules Set No.2 + Bag of Gears. Rules Set No.2 is useful to keep people from removing their RBTs until a generator is complete to activate them, and overall isn't useful for any other perk combo, as the add-on alone isn't very useful for other advanced add-on combos, and it should honestly be in base-kit to be honest...

    for an advanced add-on combo, you can try these two. Crate of Gears + Tampered Timer is the best add-on combo for The Pig at the moment, due to how Crate of Gears considerably decreases the time it takes to search through Billy boxes, as well as moderately increasing the time it takes to put the RBT on a down Survivor (So it's insanely fast)

    Added with Tampered time decreases the RBTs death time from 2 minutes and 30 seconds, to 2 minutes flat. That add-on with Crate of Gears can actually kill a lot of Survivors if you're around a Billy box they're at. And if they don't just search boxes right away and do generators to activate it, it takes about a 30 seconds or so to search one Billy box...

    So in theory, if they waste too much time doing random things, and they'll instantly be killed by the RBTs... that's why this add-on combo is the deadliest of The Pigs add-on combos.

    If you feel Tamper Timer isn't needed, you can also try Crate of Gears + Bag of Gears to decrease the time it takes to search Billy boxes by about... 45 seconds each I believe. But the time on the RBT is set back to its default 2 minutes and 30 seconds, so its debatable if both add-on combos give the same reduced time or not. (IMO, Tampered Timer + Crate of Gears definitely reduces the time more than both those other add-ons.)

    the pigs mechanics and what to do

    First, when using The Pig you shouldn't throw her RBTs (Reverse Bear Traps) on people once you down them... That's a huge waste of their psychological and time wasting potential, and overall shouldn't be used like that.

    A good time to use your RBTs is about 10/20/30 seconds after your Ruin has been broken, if you're in a chase when Ruin breaks and you down someone after or right when it breaks than also use it at that moment as well.

    You must save your RBTs when your Ruin is broken so it can be used as a 2nd objective for Survivors to remove. It wastes their time not doing generators and also can lead to some Survivors dying if you're dominating one area that has their key to the RBT on their head. (Don't camp Billy boxes, by this I mean you're downing people in that area and they refuse to go there until you're out of the area to go to the Billy box)

    Doing this will maximize the time you have to make mistakes or none at all within chases, and destroy the time due to too much time being wasted on other things... Of course this power isn't full proof, and relies mostly on the Killer being able to down Survivors in the first place without wasting too much time...

    Also, when I say RBTs have a psychological effect on Survivors, it's kind of the same thing with Legions mending or Plagues broken status effect on Survivors when they're fully sick... Survivors don't heal with Plague to avoid being hit by her corrupt purge vomit, which can down a healthy Survivor in under 15 seconds easily...

    And people don't heal OR heal with Legion to avoid being one by him afterwards, or they don't so they don't waste time doing that rather than doing generators.

    It's the same with Pigs RBTs, Survivors don't wanna keep the RBT on to waste time on not removing it... It's so that when it's active and you're dominating an area with the Billy box they need to remove it, it can literally kill them because they didn't remove it beforehand.

    basic m1 killers strategies

    If you struggle on that, you should try reviewing videos that will teach you how to use moonwalking tactics, and mind-games at loops. A basic summary is, you should moonwalk around corners at loops to hide your red stain (the red light Killers have) from the Survivor, so they think you doubled back to the other side then in reality you're moonwalking right into them to hit them on the side you were just at.

    mind-games are also helpful at loops, its so you can have Survivors think you're going places so they waste pallets, vault windows by mistake, or if you're good with it you can moonwalk around corners so they think you doubled back, and once they think that you can fool them into attempting to mind-game YOU by faking the window vault.

    In reality you mind-gamed their mind-game by mind-gaming them into faking that window vault so you can moonwalk right into them around the corner and hit them at the window...

    This is most effective at tiles like the "L-Wall and T-Wall" tile, or this tile to be specific.

    You should also look up videos reviewing basic tiles in maps to help you in chases as a M1 Killer and better learn how to mind-game these tiles and what mind-games Survivors use on them on YOU!


    Basically, try my build out. I use Ruin, Pop Goes the Weasel, Brutal Strength, and BBQ & Chili. This perk combo helps me waste time with my RBTs (Reverse Bear Traps) and also regresses generators around the area so I waste a lot of the Survivors time.

    Don't use RBTs until your Ruin is broken. Once Ruin breaks, count about 10/20/30 seconds after it breaks to get an idea if a generator nearby will finish after the RBT is on someones head. If you're mid-chase and Ruin breaks or ruin breaks and you down someone 10 seconds after, you should than also put the RBT on their head.

    Doing this will have a generator on the map get finished and activate that RBT so the Survivor wastes a lot of time removing it. This is optional to do and if you don't want to do that part about counting 10/20/30 seconds than don't. (By count 10/20/30 seconds, I mean seek out chases after Ruin breaks to put the RBT on their head, counting these seconds will give you an idea if a generator is done nearby.)

    If you use your RBTs before Ruin breaks, than you're just ruining your own killers potential in wasting the Survivors time doing other objectives. Aka, removing the RBT off their head and not doing generators because of that.

    you can also mix and match perks with this build, like swapping Brutal Strength with Overcharge or Surveillance. But most Survivors can hit the overcharge skill check so don't really use that perk, and surveillance is to keep track of generators you kicked beforehand with the white aura it emits after they're kicked.

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    Holy smokes this was informative. I very much appreciate this. I'll be bookmarking this. Thank you very much for taking the time to do all this! :D