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Detectives Hunch Question

Here's my question, if I have a map with red twine and a crystal bead (track killer possessions and allow other survivors to see the auras created by using the map) and I complete a generator to activate detectives hunch, will the crystal bead also activate? The perk reads that if you have a map, any auras shown by it are added to the map, but since I'm not using the map directly, would crystal bead still activate?

Best Answer


  • BreadLord
    BreadLord Member Posts: 274

    it means the map will track those locations

  • blackfoxx_x
    blackfoxx_x Member Posts: 68

    I'm specifically asking if the crystal bead will activate when this happens. So when DH goes off and the stuff is added to the map, will all of the other survivors see the auras as well?

  • PigNRun
    PigNRun Member Posts: 2,428

    Crystal Bead only activates when you use the map. Period.