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Freddy for beginners?


Hey, I've recently purchased the DLC with Freddy as I wanted to try him out. Do you guys have any tips and build suggestions for me? Thanks.

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    I'm going to go with what I use as a build, than "build" off that.

    perk builds

    Here's the build I use for Freddy... it's pretty standard but it gets the job done. I use, Ruin, BBQ & Chili, Pop Goes the Weasel, and Remember Me.

    For one, I use Ruin because it's one of the best perks for slowing the game down if it lasts for more than a minute... Even if it doesn't, it keeps Survivors off the generators. But, if they can somehow consistently hit Great Skill Checks, than they'll need to focus heavily on that. And if they hear my Terror Radius than their focus will waver, which than keeps them off the generator and makes them fail it more often. (That doesn't always work on Survivors though)

    Next, I use BBQ & Chili because it's the best BPs perk, and it's the best tracking perk to keep me aware of what all Survivors are doing away from me while I'm hooking someone else. It can also tell me if a lot of Survivors are on one generator, and if that's the case I can teleport to them and kick the generator. (Which will give it a 25% regression penalty due to me having Pop Goes the Weasel)

    After BBQ is obviously, Pop Goes the Weasel. PGTW is a very good meta perk that benefits from being paired with perks like BBQ, and its especially good on Killers like Freddy that can teleport to generators and keep Survivors off them as well as heavily regress them after a Kick.

    Last, is Remember Me. While this perk isn't as dependent for Freddy to use anymore, it's still a solid perk to use on him. This is especially the case when Freddy has the last Survivor in the dream state and you put two dream snares at the base of the gates, keeping them from sneaking up and opening it if the gates are very far apart. And, if they get out of the dream state you can tell by seeing their icon below on the bottom left.

    Remember Me will THAN capitalize on a Survivors time spent on that door, and can actually save you from having them open the gate right after they get out of the dream state. Remember Me isn't the most needed perk, but it still does it's job regardless.

    perk swap suggestions

    This build is standard, but if you feel it isn't right... than you can try swapping certain perks out for these perks. You can swap Ruin for Corrupt Intervention, which is debatable better than Ruin in some cases... as it blocks 120 seconds on 3 generators that were the farthest from where you spawned when the game started.

    If you don't like Remember Me, you can swap it out for Surveillance (one of The Pigs unique perks.) This perk is pretty helpful on Freddy especially, since you have the ability to teleport to generators. So if a Generators aura changes from white (When you kicked the generator) to yellow, it means a Survivor is currently working on that generator again and you should probably teleport to that generator if it was almost complete or if you have nobody to chase.

    Pair that with the add-on "Class Photo" and you can effectively hide where you'll teleport and even catch some Survivors who're on that generator by surprise and get a free hit.

    I don't really suggest anything else to swap around, but you can figure that out for yourself if you really think some other perks are not needed.

    add-on combos

    We'll go from a standard add-on combo to the more advanced ones. The most standard add-on combo is something like Jump Rope + Blue Dress. Jump Rope considerable decreases the stats of sabotage, healing, and repairing. And Blue Dress Slightly increases those stats, but Survivors auras will be revealed to Freddy for 4 seconds if they fail generator repairs, healing, sabotage, etc.

    If you don't like Blue Dress, than you can either swap it out for Nancy's Masterpiece which increases the recovery of Freddy's teleports, or you can use something higher tier like Pill Bottle or Class Photo.

    For more advanced add-on combos, the best add-on combo by far on Freddy is Red Paint Brush + Swing Chains. Red Paint Brush starts all Survivors off in the trial in the dream state, and they can't wake up by failing skill checks anymore.

    While Swing Chains slightly decreases sabotage, healing, and repair speeds for all Survivors who're awake or in the dream state (A very powerful add-on) and this is multiplied by the more Survivors who're asleep. So get all 4 asleep and that'll increase it all the way up to Tremendously! (Or so arbitrary stat names go. What I know for sure is Considerable decently decreases all those stats while Tremendously is far worse! If you want the actual stat de-buffs than you can probably find it on Freddys DBD wiki.)

    Another add-on combo for a more advanced add-on build is basically what I suggested above which is Jump Rope + Pill Bottle or Jump Rope + Class Photo. Both of those are decent, and Class Photo is especially good if you swap Remember Me with Surveillance and keep track of all your generators you kicked.

    While Pill bottle just decreases a Survivors ability to see Freddy when they're away from 16 to 32 meters to 12 and 24 meters. It's a decent add-on for stealth.

    basic freddy mechanics

    Basically, when using Freddy you'll want to place Dream Snares right in the middle of the other side of each loop, which if you're chasing them from the start with a little distance you'll eventually have them walk into it and get downed or hit.

    Even if they run around the trap, they'll still most likely get hit (Depending on how far your distance from them was when the chase around the loop began)

    Dream Snares are very useful when in a chase actually, you can put them down for Survivors who're asleep in a chase and actually end chases a lot faster by putting those traps at the end of the loop MID-CHASE! It can easily down those Survivors, and with simple M1 Mind-games like moonwalking and such, you can easily down most Survivors at the worst to best loops because of how good Dream Snares are... Remember, use Dream Snares whenever you're in a chase with a asleep Survivor, and if they're awake you can still put traps around loops when you're chasing to use against them after they get hit or such...

    Planning ahead as Freddy is important, and it's quite easy with Dream Snares. If you Decide to use Dream Pallets, you need to remember to only use them on Pallets that're already broken. If you just place them wherever you want while other pallets are already at that spot, it'll be too easy to see which ones are fake and the Survivors will just drop those to destroy them.

    Dream Pallets are only good for fooling Survivors into thinking the chase is safe, and you should only use them on already broken pallets that were previously there before getting kicked. So Dream Pallet Freddy takes a bit more patience and setting up after regular chases have begun.

    Make sure to also teleport to generators and 99% some generators when in chases that you know has a Survivor or Survivors on it... It'll fool them into thinking you're going to them, and will keep them off it or even make them fail the skill check. Than when doing this you can just cancel the teleport and down the person you're chasing and go kick that generator with PGTW or something.

    If the Survivors are smart enough to know it's a fake out, than you should actually abandon the chase and just teleport to the generator to begin another and injure more Survivors...

    Freddy is very tactical and requires a lot of forward thinking and strategy, he's not a Killer you just brute force everything with, he takes a lot of brains to know when a chase is a waste of time or when to plan out traps for loops to easily down Survivors.

    He's still a M1 Killer and is limited like all the rest of the M1 Killers are, so also keep that in mind. But if you use these tricks and tips with his traps, you can easily down most Survivors, even at Red Ranks.


    Use Dream Snares in the middle of the other side of the loops to slow injured or healthy Survivors down in the dream state, and with Dream Pallets only use them when you already broken pallets at those loops, putting Dream Pallets everywhere will clash with pre-existing pallets and make it too obvious to not use them...

    For Perks, try my build out. My build is Ruin, BBQ, Pop Goes the Weasel, and Remember Me. But if you don't want Remember Me, use The Pigs unique perk "Surveillance" which is better or worse depending on how you look at it.

    The best add-ons to use is Paint Brush + Swing Chains for the huge debuffs it can bring for awake and asleep Survivors, and standard add-ons to use are Swing Rope + Pill Bottle, Swing Rope + Nancy's Master Piece, Swing Rope + Blue Dress, or Swing Rope + Class Photo.

    They're all standard to advanced depending on how you look at them, but the best add-on combo is Paint Brush + Swing Chains BY FAR!


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    fake pallets all the way

  • LastShoe
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    Fake pallets... and watch how this poor survivor who has thrown a 3rd fake pallet just gives up.

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    Freddy just had me on a hook. On the right side of the screen there was the indicator for Ruin being on, and underneath it was this emblem of a person with a hand covering their face. This is when I was on the hook. What is that perk/feature they were using? I know it obviously has something to do with not being able to see someone’s aura, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it. I’ve googled for a while and can’t find it anywhere else. Does anyone know what it is? Wish I would have taken a pic..

  • katoptris
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    It the oblivious effect meaning the killer doesn't have a terror radius.