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Anyone.. Nevermind. **Edited**

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Deleted as I don't care about the shity code and issues in this buggy game anymore. BTW, how do I delete my profile on the forums? Or do I just turn off all notifications?

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  • cobrahjh
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    DELETED RESPONSE. I dont care. Sorry, but this is too much for too long. GG DBD. GG.


  • HellCatJane
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    Sounds like they were confused as you were.

    It's a glitch. If you do it intentionally you get banned... if it may be unintentional... you apparently still get banned. There used to be a way to do it, but they patched that out. However, there are reports of it happening again, with dedicated servers. They were probably unsure of wth was going on, but will most likely get instant-banned before they realize it. :| There is no known way to force this to happen to my knowledge, so I am doubting it was intentional.

    Were you on PC/console? etc. Any information like that might help them pinpoint the issue.