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Recommendation for Demogorgon builds


I just bought Demogorgon, he is a fun killer to play as.I also got 4K twice in a row, but then sometimes,i just got genrushed and teabagged at the end, so any recommendations for good builds with add-ons also. Thank you

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  • WolfPad06
    WolfPad06 Member Posts: 182
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    Well I think Save the Best for Last (SBFL for short) is especially good with Demo because you can use the Shred ability on your obsession and keep all your tokens, becoming extremely dangerous to the other 3 survivors during a chase once you have the 8 tokens.

    Pop Goes the Weasel is great for defending Gens if you put your portals in the right spots.

    Thrilling Tremors or Surveillance are great for keeping track of which gens you need to defend and use your PGTW on.

    Ruin is always a gamble but if you can defend the totem it's very good on Demo.

    BBQ is always great.

    Just play around with these ones and see if they fit your playstyle!

  • JohnNorwich19623
    JohnNorwich19623 Member Posts: 83
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    I got a question, STBFL does not lose token if I shred attack on my obsession. Thank you for the Amazing Tips :)

  • Mister_xD
    Mister_xD Member Posts: 7,669
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    for Demogorgon i would always recommend you to use Save The Best For Last, as his shred attack will not make you lose any tokens, so you can keep them rather easily.

    another good recommendation would be Discordance and Pop Goes The Weasel, as the first provides you with map knowledge of a gen being repaired and the second allows you to immediately regress said gen by a lot after hooking someone. this works really good with your portals, as you will be able to get to said gen very fast, if you made a setup there.

    for the last perk, i'd say use BBQ. double points are neat and the aura reading can, combined with your portals, be very usefull.

    you could also go for additional gen slowers like Dying Light or Ruin, if you dont want BBQ.

    TL;DR: STBFL + Discordance + PGTW + BBQ