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How am I supposed to rank up?

Top_Nep Member Posts: 14

Cause I keep ending up against stupid premades and everyone is using that stupid meg speed up perk and spare part, I get a high score in all the categories but it says the entity is displeased cause I couldn’t get a kill


  • Rezblaze
    Rezblaze Member Posts: 843
    edited October 2019

    Don't be concerned about ranking up.

    Rank in this game, means next to nothing. Unless you're trying for the prestige skins.

    Keep learning the game. Learn basic mindgames. Run ruin or corrupt intervention. The Devs are well aware at how broken premades are in this game.

  • Top_Nep
    Top_Nep Member Posts: 14

    The problem is I don’t have many perks at all that are the teachables

  • HellCatJane
    HellCatJane Member Posts: 698

    It is a bit harder when you don't have the perks. Best thing is to try to play a lot and save shards up for perks that come in the shrine. (store). Every week it will rotate new perks. Honestly, I think what helped me was watching streamers on twitch, and youtubes on advice. How to loop as killer, etc. There's one from scott jund that is really good. Teaches you all the tiles. That will help you get through even not having any perks. There's some really good educational streamers out there. Like Otzdarva and Fungoose (both on twitch).

    For perks, I don't know, there's always the "meta" ones. But I think it depends also on your play style. So, focus on leveling up and getting bloodpoints to unlock the perks you want. Then you can focus on ranking later on, or it most likely will come a bit naturally as well. Once you get the hang of dealing with things. Making sure not to tunnel a good looper. Focus on map pressure. etc.

  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314


    Ok so, what you need to focus on when it comes to any Killer is playing tactically but also using mind-games at strong loops to get hits in...

    For example, most Survivors is not ALL Survivors rely on the Killers red stain (the light they emit) to know where they're facing at a loop... If the loop has long walls like Jungle Gym tiles, T-Wall and L-Wall, etc... than they'll focus on looking around the corners of those tiles to know where you're.

    What you should do in this scenario is follow Survivors around these loops until you come to a corner, once the Survivor is completely around that corner you should moonwalk to that corner while facing the opposite direction... this will make the Survivors think you're doubling back to the other side but in reality you're facing that direction but still walking to your original path around that corner to meet them up there...

    They'll get confused, walk into you, and you hit them to either down or injure them... this is pretty effective on loops that have no line of sight between the Survivor and Killer, so it should be done at THOSE loops only. You can even fake the moonwalk and actually double back to the other side of the loop where the pallet is and moonwalk to where the Survivor is going...

    This is good to do at places like shack pallet, where you flash your light in the doorway. The Survivor than vaults the window and you're actually moonwalking to the other side of that window to hit them.

    If you're chasing someone around a tile with no high walls, than depending on your Killer you should... just brute force it. It's better to waste pallets like these since they're quite small yet can't really be mind-gamed. The best mind-games to use at those loops is to just try and double back around to the other side so you can close in on the Survivor to either luckly hit them... or just end the loop faster!

    This is just basic stuff, but it's important to know if you're using literally like... most if not all Killers in the game. If you want to learn more about these tiles, than i'll link a video that talks about how these tiles work from the SURVIVORS perspective... once you learn how Survivors use these loops, you can easily judge what to do to counter them...

    Here's that video.

    If you need like, a more advanced guide on a specific Killer than I can kind of write one up, but this is one of the most important guides you'll need to learn when playing most Killers... If not ALL Killers, including Nurse despite her ignoring all of these tiles.