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Who Is The Best Killer & Why Is It Pig?

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    It isn't Pig, pig is pretty weak compared to other Killers on the tier list.

    The strongest (aka the apex) Killer is Nurse, but when the new patch rolls out any day now... she'll no longer be the strongest Killer in the game, her 3 year streak will finally be over...

    The new strongest Killer after her will be The Spirit and i'll give you a small run down on why they're both on the Top-Tier of the roster.

    For one, Spirit and Nurse can traverse the map really quickly because of their power, they both can ignore pretty much all obstacles within the map to down Survivors in a flash, they both can utilize perks to destroy a team in a few minutes, both their strongest add-ons are very OP (Nurse's won't be soon) and they can effectively crush anyone they come across.

    Yes, a good Survivor can run around even the best Spirits or Nurse's in a game... but when we're talking about casuals and decent Survivors... they'll get crushed really easily (depending on the Spirit or Nurses skill set)

    Billy is another strong Killer, but Nurse and Spirit rank above him because Billy is actually the most balanced Killer in the game, hes loopable but still quite strong depending on the scenarios and maps he's given... With Nurse and Spirit they can usually make ALL scenarios and maps work in their advantage since their powers can ignore most if not all obstacles they come across.

    For Spirit is most obstacles, but it depends how big that obstacle is... for Nurse... she can ignore literally everything due to her power No Cli- I mean her Blink power which lets her go through any obstacles in her path to get to the Survivor...

    It's got to a point where most pro-nurses don't even use add-ons or offerings and still get 32k point games... (A 32k point game is a perfect game across all emblems)


    Nurse is the strongest, once Patch 3.3.0 rolls out in a few days or so... than Spirit will be the strongest. Spirit and Nurse can ignore pretty much all obstacles.

    Nurse's add-ons and power is one of the strongest in the game, but soon her base-kit will be nerfed and so will her add-ons. Spirit can also ignore almost all obstacles but if that obstacle is too big than its a bit harder... For Nurse, she can ignore ALL obstacles... all of them.

    Also, Nurse doesn't need add-ons or offerings to get a 32k point perfect game, while Spirit can also do well with add-ons but it helps a bit more... So Pre-nerf Nurse is currently the strongest at the moment.

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    Feel like this is a meme topic, so...

    Because you can boop the snoot and stunning her with a pallet melts your heart.

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    Lol best topic. Answer is Pig because snoot 🐽

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    The answer is: Pig

    • Neither OP nor trash so can be enjoyed by both sides
    • Not overused, nobody has ever said, "Oh no, not pig again!"
    • Licensed but still has cosmetics
    • Can befriend via booping of the snoot
    • Has unique drill sound
    • The original teabagging killer
    • Pig dash at blind loops is fun
    • The only killer to provide free party hats.
    • Sometimes pretends to be a survivor
    • Pallet squeak
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    Nurse is still the strongest killer. The cooldown for her blinks is barely noticeable, and as long as you're accurate with your blinks, the nerf won't even matter. You'll still dominate survivors as long as you don't mess up your blinks. If you don't believe me go watch OhTofu's "New Nurse is Still Insanely Good" video.