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Why is The Spirit the dc queen NOW?


Here’s a thought dump I have on the whole spirit dc’s situation. 

Why the hell wasn’t this an issue before?

People seem to have mostly no problems with Spirit for the most part when her chapter released. And there didn’t seem to be any issues with her buffs for the most part from what can tell. So this begs the question; Why is The Spirit an issue with people NOW of all times?

I just don’t get it. I can’t really wrap my head around it. It doesn’t seem fun for people to go against a Spirit, so they just up and quit the match? 

It ain’t fun for the survivors that dc cause they’re against a killer they don’t like. It ain’t fun for the survivors that don’t dc because they’ve just lost a teammate, even worse if all but 1 dc’s. And it ain’t fun for the killer cause a couple of survivors dc, which makes the match short and not fun. 

It’s just ludicrous. Quitting a match because of the fact that the killer is a spirit is, in my opinion, just a ridiculous as a killer quitting a match cause of the following; 

The Killer dc’s because the survivors got all the gens done. And it wasn’t even a gen rush. 

The Killer dc’s because the survivor they’re chasing starts heading to the shack.

The Killer dc’s because the survivor they’re chasing uses Dead Hard. 

The Killer dc’s because the survivor(s) are using the items they brought in.

The Killer dc’s because they missed 1 hatchet throw while playing Huntress.

The Killer dc’s because they got blinded by a flashlight once. 

And could go on and on and on with this list if I wanted to. 

“But The Spirit brought op add ons like Prayer Beads”. Add ons are a easy fix. Especially if it’s just Prayer Beads. 

It’s one thing to hate a killer, but I think it’s another thing to just straight up quit a match just cause you don’t like the killer and/or their actions during a match.

Anyways, that’s my rant.

TL;DR: It’s ludicrous that Spirit wasn’t an issue before. Why now? 

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  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314


    This is an easy answer, so basically it works like this.

    Nurse ignores literally all conventional means that Survivors use during a chase... this is why she's considered the strongest Killer in base-kit and with add-ons... ESPECIALLY add-ons...

    Fast forward, Nurse is going to be nerfed in a couple of days when patch 3.3.0 comes out... So the torch for the strongest Killer will now go to Spirit. She's quite similar to Nurse considering her phase walking ability can ignore almost every loop and tile in the game, almost... she has a hard time with big loops that were once old infinites like Coal Tower, Crotus Pren, etc...

    Those loops she can't easily just go through or around and down someone with no issue... She actually has to either mind-game in it, or brute force it.

    That, and her add-ons were almost the most OP ones until you compared it with Nurse's add-ons with OMEGA blinks... So... this is why she was considered to be the 2nd best Killer next to Billy.

    Billy will soon be the 2nd best Killer because he's quite strong with his chainsaw and he can traverse the map with ease like Spirit and Nurse... But unlike those two, he's actually the most balanced Killer in the game... he's loopable, but he's also very strong and can be used as a top tier threat...

    basically this is your answer

    Spirits ability to ALMOST ignore all loops and tiles combined with her absurd add-ons that make doing so EVEN easier... AND if you add in Prayer Beads which literally nobody likes facing... than she's quite the threat indeed... even for very skilled players.

    Of course, a skilled Survivor can work around her to some degree... but for your answer i'm speaking in-general with decent or casual players... This is why most of those players DC to her, even the skilled players... because nobody really likes facing her except players that know how to counter her, or players that like a challenge...

    Otherwise... she's almost the most DC'ed Killer in the game behind Nurse.

  • KillermainBTWm8
    KillermainBTWm8 Member Posts: 4,212

    Because most don't find her fun or interactive to play against sadly. That and some think that she is overpowered and needs nerfs.

  • Exerlin
    Exerlin Member Posts: 1,352

    Simply because when your perform well against a spirit, it just feels like you lucked out. There isn't enough information on the survivor side of the match-up to learn what the other player is doing and making efforts to counter that. Nurse doesn't have this issue because you can see what she's doing, and if you watch her play-style closely, you can learn how to avoid getting hit much better. You can't really watch spirit. You just know that she is doing something