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How to Ghost Face


Hey guys. I wanted to ask for some advice on playing Ghost face. I quite enjoy playing them, but I find it difficult to make the most of Night Shroud as survivors always manage to reveal me. And I find it hard to sustain pressure on the gens. Any advice?

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  • ColoursBleed
    ColoursBleed Member Posts: 32

    I've never had much luck with whisper. But thank you for the advice overall.

    I actually just got a nice 4 kill using: Pop Goes the Weasel, BBQ, Overcharge and Surveillance. Very satisfying.

  • sobrat1
    sobrat1 Member Posts: 44

    Ghostface's power is to mark and down survivors in a single hit. But his power is also to lose terror radius and his red stain, and this second part of his power is about as strong as marking and downing.

    When two survivors are sitting at the same gen, instead of marking both survivors i try to leave them almost marked and catch one of them. Works about 7/10 times. When I don't catch, I still have them almost fully marked and it's easy to down them from there.

    TL;DR Losing Terror Radius and Redstain is much more powerful than people think.