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Change PC boot drive from hdd to ssd :Will copying the drive be treated like file tampering?


I'm looking to upgrade my PC by upgrading my boot drive from an hdd to an ssd.

I'm worried that if i copy the drive onto a ssd the game will consider it file tampering and get me banned

Is there any work around or proper way I should go about this?

Or am I worrying for nothing


  • FireHazard
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    I'm not 100% on this as I don't tamper with the files in-general to avoid a EAC ban. I'll @MandyTalk @Peanits and @Rizzo90 to see if they know, otherwise... I wouldn't touch them until they or someone who knows responds.

    my somewhat of an answer

    Personally, if you're asking if you can make a save file copy than yes, that'll get you banned. Besides, that's not possible to do because the save files are on BHVRs cloud for DBDs systems...

    If you're like, asking to just copy the entirety of your computer onto the ssd, than I don't see how that would really get you banned since you're not actively changing the files within DBD itself... So, for me personally i'd say no, but i'm not 100% so take what I said at face value...