So a person threatened to ban me because we "were holding the game hostage"

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1 person disconnected, one died, then we, 2 survivors, were hiding for 20 minutes but it was a streamer, who then threatened we would get banned for "holding game hostage" only because we weren't caught the whole time and how it "affected" his streaming process.

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  • Quizzy
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    I mean. Yea thats holding it hostage. Doing nothing. But if you were at least touching the gen then hiding when they come by, then thats not taking it hostage.

    As long as a gen is being touched, then you cant be banned. Even if ur a god at hiding.

  • BekahW_
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    I was watching the stream. They hid for 20 minutes, no gen progress was made at all.

  • Jurizaurz
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    I've reported a person abusing a bug which is bannable too and should result in a ban, the video was sent via support ticket, but he wasn't punished.

    So, using a gameplay tactic legally is a no-no scenario and should get me banned while bug exploiter escapes with nothing which is far worse?

  • Mandy
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    WE will not ban for bugs in the game without first notifying the community that this action is being taken. It's highly unlikely we would need to do this now, as we have the Kill Switch, which means if something is highly abusable it's able to be temporarily removed from the game, without needing to ban players!

  • Jurizaurz
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    Players were picking Ormond map offering for the whole week only to get to that stone and staying afk all match long, none of your developer kill-switched the map before it gets fixed. So what is your point behind the logic what needs to get kill switched and what's not?

  • BasementDweller
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    Once again doing nothing but hiding is holding the game hostage.

    If you were hiding and making little progress on gens, that would be a different story. But you were doing nothing BUT HIDING FOR 20 MINUTES which is holding the game hostage.

  • HoodedWildKard
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    Did you do gens in that 20 mins?

    Because if not then yes you were holding the game hostage. Hiding with the intention of not doing gens is holding the game hostage and explicitly against the rules. How would you plan for the gsme to end if not by finishing gens. Theoretically it could go on forever if killer couldn't find you which is totally possible. Trying to catch locker hopping survs who go to ground the second they hear the TR is practically impossible.

    If you didn't want to do gens one of you should've sacrificed yourself to give the other a chance at hatch.

  • arcticgirl36
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    If this was a fair world, people would understand that the survivor can no more hold the game hostage by hiding than the killer can hold the game hostage by not finding them. It shows that the game has serious flaws or at best is biased and killer-centric. Think about it logically. The mission of the killer is to hook or kill survivors for the entity. So, if they are not doing that, they are holding the game hostage. But the burden and blame always seems to fall on the survivors who are hiding. Everybody thinks survivors should work on generators, but nobody thinks the killer is holding the game hostage for not finding and hooking the survivors? The killer can just hook the survivors and end the game. Why don't they? Perhaps there is a shortcoming of the games development that is being blame shifted to survivors.

    p.s. I personally work on generators and do not enjoy hiding. But I understand some people like to hide and stay safe. If the game doesn't want people to do that it should add some game mechanics to correct that. You shouldn't simply be banned for doing things the game allows.

  • bunnyfengenthusiast
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    Well this thread is a dumpster fire. OP expected everyone to take his side and when he gets crucified, he turns to whataboutism and rationalization.

    OP, you're not entitled to an escape because you can stay hidden. Survivors hiding in a 2 man scenario with 4 gens left is one of the most common, yet most aggravating, and BANNABLE offenses that I see commonly.

    The killer's job isn't to play map-wide hide and seek because you refuse to touch gens.

  • arcticgirl36
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    Did you even read my entire post? What is with the false accusations? I never hold any games hostage!

  • Veroles
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    Would be interesting to know where are informations about what is "holding hostage" and what not in DBD. All i have found in rules is that keeping hostage is forbidden.

  • Jurizaurz
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    The killer's job is to find survivors and kill them, that's their primary options.

    The survivor's job is to repair, and hide, help teammates. The 3 generators were nearby so we went into stealthy option, which is a part of survivor gameplay.

    Thus saying, slugging is considered to be game hostage scenario because survivors aren't able to repair and help their teammates, yet killer doesn't use his option to hook survivors. So?

  • Jurizaurz
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    Similar question. For me holding the game hostage means when allied survivors bodyblock you from escaping/trying to help or pointing at where you are situated but that couts as "cooperating with killer".

  • Jurizaurz
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    Using stealth to not get caught into killer hands because it's his primary role while survivors can use such option legally and that's called "STEALTHY" isn't holding the game hostage.

  • bunnyfengenthusiast
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    Slugging progresses the game forward, because someone is actively bleeding out. Hiding without doing gens doesn't progress the game because birds can be avoided infinitely and no progress is being made.

    You got your answer. Don't come whine in here when you get banned for holding the game hostage.

    That being said, there is a question to be made for whether killers that slug to the 3:50 timer then force you to wiggle off to go look for the other person are holding the game hostage.

  • Jurizaurz
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    The killer has to kill, the survivor has to survive.

    We survived as long as we did. There are even perks in game that help stealth mechanics working much better. So you are saying me that a simple gameplay mechanic being used by survivors is a bannable offense? The generators are indeed objects to use in active matches, but it's survivor's will to repair or not. Those 3 gens were close, we should be into generator and give killer easy kills?

    Is this how this game now is killer-sided and killer crybabies are acting right now.

  • Jurizaurz
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    Cleansing totems which are also a part of the match, opening chests. They are minor objectives. Or they aren't allowed to be played around?

  • Veroles
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    Also when i understand all this argumentation's about "No progress = hostage = bannable", it is really hard to see for me at which specific point hiding is considered as a ban reason. Is there any official source about it? I am curious.

  • Jurizaurz
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    There is only one thing here:


    48 Hours-> 1 Week -> 1 Month -> PERMANENT

    This is a sliding scale and determined on a case-by-case basis. If an offense is considered to be particularly egregious, the duration of the ban may skip one or more steps in this process.    



    • Working with the opposite team to gain an advantage or grief teammates
    • Targeting specific users repeatedly in order to ruin their game experience
    • Holding the game hostage

    Our hiding for 20+ minutes because the generators were too close and we didn't feel like making them but getting totems/chests open is claimed to be "holding game hostage" when we were simply playing stealthy when a killer must search for survivors.

    It says nothing about whether playing stealthy like that is bannable or not. By the same logic playing Skull Merchant with 3 generators camping when a killer REFUSES to kill and hook survivors but simply camps with making matches 1 hour long with no further match progress is considered to be "holding the game hostage".

    It looks like double standarts.

  • Bran
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    I believe it's been said that even 3 genning and not going for downs for a long period can be considered holding the game hostage. So I'd assume the same can be said for survivors and hiding.

    It's a tricky thing I'm sure.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    Because the Killer is actively trying to do their objective to confirm the final kills of the match. Is it annoying as hell? Definitely, but it's not against the rules, the developers have gone on record multiple times to say so. Since they are still actively playing the game.

    The only time holding the game hostage becomes problematic is if the Killer entirely refuses to hook a Survivor and prevents them from doing Generators (basically 3-gen Knight), if you make a match last for the full match duration intentionally, that is holding the game hostage, it leads to a stalemate. Likewise, as Survivor, if you draw out a match and do not try and progress the Generators, it can be considered taking the game hostage since no side is able to progress their objective (Killers cannot kill Survivors if they are hiding, and Survivors just hide to last the longest, so nothing gets done), it leads to stalemate.

    It is definitely weird semantics, DBD is an asymmetrical game which means the rules apply in a weird way because Killers and Survivors are inherently different.

  • Veroles
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    A tiny "Whispers" basekit would be good i think. After a certain amount of "no chase", it activates until next chase. I think that would easy solve the issue and also eliminate a lot of trouble. 

  • Zeidoktor
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    That is textbook holding the game hostage. As in that's the example everyone uses when describing holding the game hostage.

  • Chaos999
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    Actually, the survivor's main objective is to escape. Hiding indefinitely is not a survivor objective. Is a tool to help you progress your actual objective.

    Thus hiding without attempting to do your objective does not progress the game and squarely falls on the holding the game hostage side of things.

  • Jurizaurz
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    Getting banned for being stealthy? It's killer's fault since he couldn't find any survivor and didn't make it possible for survivors to not hide.

    Once again - we should've put us into danger only to satisfy a killer just because we didn't manage to normally repair a generator?

  • Green_Sliche
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    There are certain cases where killer has no detection perks equipped and map size allows survivors to hide for extremely long time with killer having to choice but roam aimlessly and hope survivors get detected somehow. Killer can't trigger end-game collapse and quitting the match will result into penalty.

    While this indeed should not be bannable, it should also not be possible. After certain period of time, gradually, survivors should become visible to the killer with their auras revealed permanently so 20+ min hide and seek stops being the case.

  • Eelanos
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    Honestly, if the Skull Merchant can stand perfectly still for an hour until her tracker beeps and not be considered taking the game hostage, I don't see how survivors hiding to prevent the killer making them lose should be considered taking the game hostage. Either both are bad or none are. They're all trying not to lose.

    This is why I keep repeating this game lacks anti-stalemate mechanics. The hatch and the crows were supposed to be said mechanics, but they clearly do nothing to avoid these situations. The game really needs to come up with a mechanic where the rules of the game change if it stands on a stalemate for too long.

  • GannTM
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    You are acting so ignorant. Slugging is not a bannable offense because they’ll eventually bleed out. Hiding and doing nothing keeps the game in progress for a long time potentially. It is and should be a bannable offense to do that for a long period of time.

  • Ayodam
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    I’ve never seen someone banned for this. And I think BHVR tries to avoid really dealing with it because punishing survivors for hiding from/evading the killer is counterintuitive to their goal of survival. People will say you’re holding the game hostage but tbh there are ways for killers to track survivors (the one I’m specifically thinking of is crows) even when survivors are stealthing.

  • Jurizaurz
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    Alright, then those who get hooked the first time and self kill themselves on hook without even struggling or waiting should also get banned since they are abandoning the match on purpose by giving killers easy kills while leaving a survivor team in an already not so good situation especially when it's still 5 generators left.

  • Jangles
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    Totems are objectives. Chests are not an objective. They are resources. If you were doing totems you'd be making loud noise notifications thereby giving the killer a chance to progress the match. If you were doing gens, you were progressing the objective yourself. You were doing neither of those thing ergo you were holding the game hostage. You can go through all the mental gymnastics you like, but thats the end result of the actions taken in the games. Regardless of intention.

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