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So I'm not a real artist by any means, but I thought I'd throw my hat in the skin contest thats currently going on! i've submitted my piece and I know theres NO way I'd win, mainly because from what I've seen you gotta be like a MASTER 3D Modeller and digital painter to even have a remote chance.

But really I'm just hoping maybe I can plant a seed in the skin designers at BHVR?

I wanted to see more Jeff skins, as hes my main, and I am UPSETTI SPAGHETTI that the only BIG BOY in the entire game doesn't have a shirtless skin. Why they denying us this visual treat? Seems a little sus only 6packs David or Felix.

I also wanted to see more skins that were relevant to the character's backstory. I found it a little weird that part of the requirement for the character art had to tie into their lore--and yet we have skins like a silver thong for the skull merchant or the Trapper as Krampus haha (even though I love it so much).

I spent about an hour just trying to get something down on paper and colored it in on a tablet but I think it would be awesome to have like a Mosh Pit Jeff or something where he's shirtless and we all know dude is INKED so of course he'd have like a WICKED back piece. Dude is also huge, and his name deff lends to hint at his heritage so I thought maybe like a more "viking" hairstyle, ik its not authentic but it is dramatic and cool, and a type of "Fenrir" back piece i think he'd have. i kept the tatoo with minimal color since his sleeves are black and grey.

i thought some crust pants would look cool on him, and as most dudes in pits usually start with a shirt, but it eventually comes off, i thought his original skin shirt could be in his pocket cuz when ur moshing u WILL lose ur shirt, but you dont wanna lose-lose your shirt. and even though we all know hes a big softie, a mosh pit is still a pit so some bloody knuckles and bruises for him as badges of honor.

again i know its no mona lisa, but I love Jeff and I'd love to see him get more attention :)

i cant wait to see all the other submissions, some of the ones from previous years were amazing!

what are some skins yall would love to see? i remember the Yui from last year was drop-dead gorg and still didn't win?!

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    hey, please don’t underestimate yourself like that, your art is great and definitely not a reason for you not to win!!

    though BHVR stated the contest submissions don’t need to be artistic masterpieces and encourage everyone to participate, you don’t have to worry about that either way ☺️

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    youre too kind, but i think i got my work cut out for me, some of the people are REALLY creative with their skin designs! i still love that david nutcracker skin--i could never have thought of that! im excited to see what comes out, maybe someone will make an even better jeff skin! do they ever let the community vote?

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    No, they don’t let the community vote, as some concepts they can not or don’t want to implement (eg the Claudette skin that won few years ago even got changed to fit the character better)