Puppers, one of the OG DBD Streamers, has passed on.

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Wasn't really sure where to post this, apologies to the mods if it isn't allowed or needs to be moved.

This is just so ######### sad. I hate that the best I can say is that I hope his passing is easy and pain-free. Puppers was one of the first DBD streamers I watched back in 2017 and it's just devastating to see someone I laughed with and looked up to like this, and I'm sure that doesn't even compare to how his close friends and family feel.

Just thought I'd let some of the people here know, if they want to reach out and message him like the Twitter post says.

Goodbye, old friend. Stay comfy Puppers

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  • Gylfie
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    Thanks for sharing this news, I wouldn't have otherwise known about it. I'm absolutely devastated. He was one of the first DbD Youtubers I started watching and I had to stop watching because seeing him decline the way he did was just too painful.

    I hope his last moments will be filled with love and comfort and that he may go peacefully. 😔❤️

  • Nazzzak
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    Thanks for letting us know. This is absolutely heartbreaking. I still tuned in to his replay streams and it's difficult to comprehend that he won't grace us with his lovely presence again.

  • Brokenbones
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    This is honestly heartbreaking.

    My thoughts go out to Puppers as well as his close family and friends, I seriously cannot imagine how much pain they've had to endure over the past few years.

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  • Nun_So_Vile
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    Rest in eternal peace, Puppers.

  • omelette
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    Requiesce in pace

  • MrPsych
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    I don't know the guy but I heard nothing but good things about him. What a tragedy.

  • illNicola
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    I have no idea who he is, yet this is really sad. A big hug to him and his family.

  • Hawk81584
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    Prayers up big guy! wishing you the best!

  • illNicola
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    I still don't know who he is, but I see only good things about him. He's definitely a big loss and since people are really sad, I'd say he's one of those golden people you don't usually see. I'm so sorry

  • Bartlaus
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    Thank you for all the years of good entertainment. Few would have had the strength to carry on like you have in recent years. You have shown us how valuable life is. It makes me very sad and I and many of my friends will miss you. However, I believe that this is not the end and I hope you have people around you who give you courage. Thank you very much!

  • thrawn3054
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    I'm legit fighting tears because of this news. I loved watching Puppers so much. I can only hope he's not in too much pain and will go peacefully.

  • AmpersandUnderscore
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    Thank you for posting, I usually avoid Twitter so I wouldn't have seen this.

    Incredibly sad news. I hope his remaining time he can spend surrounded by loved ones.

  • Marc_go_solo
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    He was quite the positive influence and did a lot of awareness work linked to his condition. I haven't watched him that much, but do know he was an important figure in making people aware of both DBD and the causes he supported. It's sad to know his time is nearly up.

  • H2H
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    Completely devastating. I hope these last days are filled with love and light.

  • malloymk
    malloymk Member Posts: 1,542

    Sad news. All there is to say.

  • TheWheelOfCheese
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    I never watched him much but now I'm wishing I had. He does seem like such a genuinely good person, and I wish both a painless passing as well as comfort for his family. The world was a better place for his presence.

  • Annso_x
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    Honestly heartbreaking. He's one of the reasons I used to be active on twitch and one of the most wholesome DBD content creator, I hope the messages he'll receive will bring him at least a fraction of the comfort he's brought us all those years, and that he goes peacefully.

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoon
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    Omg :( I am so sorry for him. Times like this i really don't know what to say but i felt so sad for him.

  • MasonOliver123
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    Such a horrible situation, It makes you think that's for sure, a cruel world.

  • dgbug
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    I'm going to miss him. I ended up playing against him and killing him with my Sadako, and I've had a special place in my heart for him ever since. I don't know him personally, but I hope he has a great day.

    fly high.

  • Bwsted
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    Even if I left the Fog, I'll come back and do it.

    I can't find words to express how sad this news makes me. So, absent words, at least I can honor him like that.

  • UntilValhalla13
    UntilValhalla13 Member Posts: 177

    He was, and always will be, the light in the fog. Love you Puppers.<3

  • Interocitor
    Interocitor Member Posts: 141

    Well said

    Wishing peace to Puppers, his friends, and family and the community as a whole, much love

  • Zeidoktor
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    For anyone interested in seeing this firsthand... er, foot

    I'm also looking for the video where he met a Space Billy.

  • JPLongstreet
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    I always loved watching Puppers, Monto, and Noob3 play the game. Miss those days.

  • sizzlingmario4
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    I can’t say I knew him very well, but I know much of the DBD community, including several people here on the forums, did know him and loved watching him. I have nothing but respect for him for what he’s been going through and continuing to interact with the community while dealing with ALS.

    Thank you Puppers for everything you’ve done for this community and for anyone else who loved being around you. You will not be forgotten.

  • HaunterofShadows
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    If only people had such compassion...


    Farewell Puppers. You've made many people happy, something not many people today can say. But the time has come. You can rest now. Rest easy Puppers. Rest easy

  • KingFieldShipper
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    I'm devastated. When I first started getting seriously into dbd he was the person who I learned everything from and showed me the goofy side of things. I signed the kudos too, but thanks for everything puppers, and I promise I won't ever take your charm off. I hope he rests easy, and I am glad he is going to spend the next few days surrounded by his loved ones.

  • Zeidoktor
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    Found my other favorite Puppers video, besides Jump Scare Myers is Home, linked earlier. It is because of this video I imagine the Hillbilly speaking like Portal's Space Sphere

  • Skittlesthehusky
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    its really sad to see something like this, but i cant imagine how puppers feels with his body giving out on him, progressive diseases are no joke and it must be horrible having to go through something like this.

    i can only wish him well on his last days, he's an inspiration to many and whatever is on the other side better be good to him

    he made a ton of people laugh and put emphasis on making things enjoyable for everyone whenever they attended his streams or viewed his content, and i think that's something to admire. a person who does things with the hopes of making people happy, even if its just one person, is always someone that's worth showing love and giving many different opportunities to

    im very glad that he spent time with us as people and i'm happy to have been alive in the same time period as this wonderful man

    godspeed, max

  • GannTM
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    This is just so heartbreaking. I hope his passing will be peaceful. Rest In peace Max 😢

  • Phantom_
    Phantom_ Member Posts: 1,197

    This is heartbreaking to hear. I hope that he is surrounded by his loved ones and that his final days are easy on him 💙