PC - Spirit's FOV still didn't get fixed. Actually it is worse now.

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Character - Spirit

Problem - Her FOV is bugged for so long.

Possibly Shadowborn on her could be a bug too.

Description -

Since 6.7.1 Bug Fix (or 6.7.2), Spirit's FOV has been broken for ages.

Let me give you shots of her normal FOV, bugged FOV (before today's update) and current FOV.

1) Spirit's normal POV

2) bugged POV (6.7.1 ~ 7.0.0) - you can definitely see both her arms are higher than usual

This happened whenever she moves.

But you can clearly see FOV is increased from Shadowborn.

3) current bugged POV (7.0.0~ )

Now? It feels like she doesn't get increased FOV from Shadowborn.

Also noting that her POV surely did get fix (lower arm positions) but still it is not same as before the bug.

Please fix her POV ASAP.

This has been a problem and now it's worse than ever.

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  • Mandy
    Mandy Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 22,340

    That's actually not FOV her FOV did not change, her animations have changed slightly, so her arms are more visibile etc.

  • lav3
    lav3 Member Posts: 758

    Even if her FOV didn't change, both her arms take too much space and block line of sight more.

    I've seen many people on Twitter mentioning this "spirit fov bug" for a while and this feels so terrible to play her.

    Please reconsider and have her fov less annoying.

    Like, I've been using Shadowborn on her for 2 years and she feels so stiff to play even with Shadowborn, ever since this fov thing happened.