Looking For Friends!! or just people, mostly friends.


Hi! :)

Im 17, and looking for people to survive with, or have a custom match and mess around. Most of the time i dont play TOO seriously otherwise it just ruins the game, sometimes i dont take matches serious at all and will try to smack the killers ass as many times as i can for fun! (you would too if it was myers, cmon.)

I main Steve Harrington and Feng Min at the moment, but i like to switch it up alot and if we have alot of the same cosmetics, ill most likely try to match you, you have no choice.

I do not mind playing with people a little older then me, just dont be weird. I may not be able to call but ill DEFO be messaging in the game chat and trying to communicate in the game.

I have 430.5 hours and counting in the game. i know ive played for more, i used to play on epic, till i REALLY wanted the stranger things dlc so i bought it on steam them bought the dlc.. it was worth it my steve is prestige 23. I have been playing for over two - three years. I do not think i am a good survivor at all i have my moments but most of the time i scream and panic and will sing songs as im being chased to calm my nervous bc my brain cannot function. As a killer- i think im pretty good.

Lmk if you are interested in playing!

Bonus stuff - somethings we might have in common/ things i like!

The top one is STRANGER THINGS, recently spent over £125 on stranger thinngs funkos, and one of them cost £70 on its own, safe to say i am obsessed.


Minecraft <3 been playing since i was a little kid and never stopped

mad anxiety, we can panic together :))

I love Sam and Colby, literal angels<3



i love acting and singing!


high school musical>>

the color purple

ur mum

really love the 80s<3 absolute vibe

BYE<3 :)


  • Cbea1021
    Cbea1021 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2

    Hey I’m Cameron and I’m 19, I’m not the greatest but I try my best lol, I was wondering if you want to play together, my ps5 name is TTV_DeadShot15, if you want to play together

  • Niamhhhh
    Niamhhhh Member Posts: 3

    Hii I’m 17 and related to everything you described (especially that Michael part) my ps is NMG_frog if you wanna play!

  • Kuffowi
    Kuffowi Member Posts: 62

    heyo :D im a goofy survivor and would love to play ^^ im 17 (turning 18 on the 9th :D) and i would love to goof around lol

    i currently play on ps4, and i also play minecraft and fnaf :D

    i also panic when im survivor so we can panic together :> i may be able to get on the party mode (mic) but im hella nervous and my family is loud haha

    also you have the vibe of someone i really want to be friends with/ get to know :D

    happy vibing - kuff <33